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Starting anew in Dustwood

Last we left off Ogrebearss had just completed his adventure in Redridge mountains. Bravo crew was complete destroyed, but the orcs and gnolls have been stopped. Ogrebear has been told that there are those who need him in dustwood so he heads off there.

I arrive at Commander Althea Ebonlocke door in Darkshire, She let me know that the town is having issue with Dire wolfs. A man Named Calor want me to fight nightbane Worgen that have overrun the Brightwood Grove. Tobias Mistmantel let me know he got a letter from his brother Stalvan, he gets to Darkshire and no one will talk to him, he wants me to investigate by talking to Clerk Daltry. Clerk Daltry tells me that Worgen broke into the archive and stool all the paper work about Stalvan and if i want to find out i’ll have to find the papers my self.


I return completing all my tasks. Commander Althea lets me know there someone been staying in the tower at Beggar’s Huant, She also lets me know that rotting horrors need to be kept in check or they will start entering the town. Clerk Daltry is surprised when i get the documents back he tell me there may be more documents at the rooting Orchard. At Beggar’s Haunt there is a Hermit who wants me to get him some supplies. I get the Hermit the ghost hair that he wants. And now he want me to get him Zombie Juice.

Commander Althea once again applauds me in my killing of the undead, and she let me know she has even more undead for me to kill…. W00t. Clerk Daltry looks through the documents i bought back and can’t find the one i need, he thinking it is in Roland’s Doom and tell me that i shouldn’t even bother going in there.  But like always i return with the goods.  He won’t read it but hands me the Legend of Stalvan

Stalvan decided to settle near the town of Moonbrook in westfall. He founded a school to teach children. The next letter let us know that he isn’t the head master of Moonbroke because of an unfortunate state of events. He starts teaching a boy named Giles, who is a rambunctious child. The daughter Tilloa is very smart. One day Tillos placed a flower in his hand and he felt his chest tremble is a way it never has. Hes fallen in love with her, then one day she come to him with another suitor. She call him old and he holds in his rage. He plans to kill someone. I head back to his brother to let him know. He want to know more about what happened to his brother as he can’t believe this.


The Horde and the Alliance enjoy a relaxing day in Ashenvale Forest

Now that all my characters have completed their level 20 zone it time to work on the 20-25 zone. I decided to level up my Alliance side mage, and my Horde side Warrior though Ashenvale forest. Ashenvale is the only level 20-25 zone in Kalimdor, the other 3 (Duskwood, Hillsbard Foothills, and Wetlands) are all in the Eastern Kingdom.

What i find interesting about both don’t really start off in a similar way as i would expect.

On the Alliance side. You get in to Ashenvale and the biggest threat at that point are the naga. The horde i don’t think is even metioned at first, It not until you move farther east that you see that the horde is doing a full attack on Ashenvale.

On the Horde side you struggle to just get in to the zone. Your thrown right in to the war, but about 2/3 of the way through the war you go off to the far eastern out post and deal with some naga before going back and dealing with the alliance. And just weird. Story wise it dosn’t really fit for me. But overall both side give a good story about what the war is about.


Not all WOW achievements are account base.

So one of my goals is to get the Loremaster title and the Explore title from the achievements in WOW. It took me a bit to understand how this works but not all Achievements are account base.

The Exploration ones are account based

The Loremaster ones are Horde/Alliance based

So what this mean is if you visit all the locations on a horde account you’ll get exploration credit for both the horde and the alliance. BUT if you do all the quest in a shared zone you only get credit for one faction and still have to do it for the other faction.

Which is great it mean most of the zone i’ll be doing 25-100 will be 1 horde character and one alliance.

Azshara, home to the Bilgewater Cartel

So far i’ve gotten 5 of my 6 charter up to level 20 through 5 different zones. Most had 40-50 quest per zone… Azshara has 100+ quest. It also has been taken over by the Bilgewater Cartel. I love the way goblin have there towns. They even set up this special rocket freeway system which is just epic!!!

Over all i like the Zone, It not as good as Silverpine Forest, but let be honest there isn’t going to be much that is better than that. But it would tie for second place on the horde side.


The Bloodmyst Isle, a fate worse than death

So on the alliance side you’ve for your level 10-20 zone you have Westfall, Redridge mountains, and Darkshore that i’ve played (i haven’t played Loch Modan yet). So far all of these have been fun the story line has been entertaining. Then there Bloodmyst Isle. OK i understand Bloodmyst isle wasn’t redone for Cataclysm, and hence reflect an older time frame for World of warcraft. But the new stuff is just so so so much more fun that i wouldn’t recommend this zone. If your trying to get lore master or explore then yes you have to do this zone if not…. don’t touch it.

Looking at my screen shots…. i forgot to take any cause i didn’t find anything i thought was worth screen shotting..



The Adventure in Redridge mountains goes up river.

Last we left off with Ogrebearss. Ogrebearss had just recused John J. Keeshan friends, and got him to rejoin the army. There all about to get on a boat and head up river.

The boat ride west was uneventful we made it to Camp Everstill, John has a plan on how to get through he blackrock orc, but needs seaforium. John wants me to meat up with an SI:7 in the field, his name Brubaker. I find Brubaker dead, with a message letting me know the orcs have POW and black dragons!!!


John plan is for me to take the Bravo Company field kit and enter Render’s Valley and free the POW’s, he sending Jorgensen with me. We free the POW and now are planting seaforium charges on each of the structures in the valley. We then get to watch the fireworks as the entire valley blows up.

We learn from some locals that the Gnolls are being controled by a magus from inside the tower of llgalar. The Magus in the tower appear to be the human named Doane. He is a traitor that working for the Blackrock Orcs. I broke in to the tower killing orcs as i climbed up to Doane. He fought and right before i could land the finishing blow and teleported away.

Colonel Troteman shows up with a large Siege tank to clear a path to Keeshan’s Post. We make our way to Stonewatch kill hundreds of orcs on the way. We kill the leader of the Orc Tharil’zun and Gath’llzogg. Right after our victory Grand Magus Doane appears with the dragon Darkblaze. Darkblaze kills off the rest of Bravo company in the battle. Right before the end Darkblaze picks up John Keeshan and flys off.


Blood elf join the Forsaken in Silverpine Forest

This is the best level 10-20 zone, ever!!!! So they waste no time you get right at the first camp is Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, with the Warchief coming to see her new weapon. He dosn’t like it, and think there isn’t much different than her and the lich king now. Feels like the horde is slowly pulling it self apart. He has sent a small fleet to help Sylvanas in her quest to take Glineas City.


The fleet though get destroyed and your task is to try to save the orcs that did survive. The orcs blame it on the goblins who got them drunk. During this time your also introduced to the Good guy (or bad guy) for the Story. Lord Daris Crowley is a worgen who is trying to prevent the forsaken from taking any more of Lordaeron. He manages to get the feral Worgen on his city. The Refugees of Fenris Keep and other on his Side.

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner attacks the city of as a diversion while you get and raise the body of Lord Vincent Godfrey. Godfrey opposed the king of Gilneas when he found out the king and other were afflicted with worgen curse. He ended up killing him self rather than acknowledge a worgen as his king.

Finally Lady Sylvanas make her final attack on the City. You and a few of her servants break in front of enemy lines and kidnap Lorna Crowley, Lord Darius Crowley daughter. At the end there a show down between the horde captains (Lady Sylvanas, You, Lord Godfrey), and Commander Lorna Crowley. Sylvanas uses his daughter to get what she want, and Crowley leave. But Lord Godfrey end up shooting and killing Sylvanas. (holy shit).


Agatha, Arthura, and Daschla sacrafice them self to bring Sylvanas back.

Completing Darkshore with my mage

Sticking on the Kalimdor side of Azeroth on my Alliance side Mage i headed off to Dark Shore for her level 10-20 quests. Kalimdor is up there as one of the better zones i’ve played cause it has a pretty good story. So to start with during the cataclysm darkshores got heavily hit compared to other zones. The night elves city of Auberdine has been completely destroyed and the night elf have fled north to the town of Lor’danel. But even that isn’t safe as north of your the Shatterspear Vale trolls have joined the horde and have started to attack.

As you venture south you’ll get to a huge vortex which is threatening to tear the zone appear. Malfurion is there trying to prevent this form happening but is not powerful enough he has you round up alies from the zone, but even that isn’t enough. So you go and rescue Thessera a green dragon to help him.


Farther south the Grove of the Ancients still stand and they want your help figuring out what the Twilight hammer cult is doing. It turn out that their trying to raise the Avatar of Soggoth


And to make matters worse the Naga are back as well in the ruins of Nazj’vel where the horn of the ancients is protected by Queen Azshara.

Overall i thought it was a really fun zone and i recommend this zone for any alliance player on the Kalimdor side of Azeroth

Warrior in the Northern Barrens

Tankbears is my Taruen warrior who will be leveling 1-60 exclusively on Kalimdor, My blood elf will spend her entire time in the Eastern Kingdom. I really thought i had gotten picture of the Northern Barrens when i played through it, but after looking at my screenshot folder i found none :<

So online i hear all these terrible things about the original Barrens, which i’m glad i never really had to play through that. The Northern Barrens is a level 10-20 zone (i started around level 11 and i made it to level 21 by the time i completed all the quest). Overall i thought it was fun. You start off helping a caravan make it way to The Crossroads. Which i find really funny Everquest 2 first big zone out side of the Freeport (evil city) has a small city in the middle of called The Crossroads. (almost like the 2 games were copying each other).

Once you get to the cross road you help the people see what has changed and what is causing all these plants to grow. After that you sent off to Ratchet, Ratchet is a neutral city so for newbie this might be the first time you encounter the other faction. I love ratchet (well i love almost all the Goblin towns i’ve seen). Ratchet give you a tons of quest,  quite a few deal with fighting the alliance south of Ratchet.

Finally you take a boat up north to Nozzlepot’s Output where you deal with the Venture Company.


Off to Redridge Mountains

I make it in to Redridge mountain and talk with Watch Captain Parker, he informs me that the Gnolls are more active than they have ever been, and i need to figure out what they are up to. After killing some Gnolls and finding out their plans, it appears Yowler is behind the uprising. Captian Parker keeps killing gnolls called Yowler. Captain Parker asked me to head to the town of Lakeshire and let Magistrate Solomon know about this.

Magistrate Solomon lets me they need to be equipped to defeat the gnolls that they will need gnomecorder but they are currently out. I need to go get one. We steal one from the murlocs, now we need to find the right transmission. I head in to the Rethban caverns with the gnomecorder in my ear. I must kill Yowler, and subdue a Canyon Ettin to get a large stone off of Foreman Oslow to save his life.


Returning to the Magistrate we go over the battle plans taken off Yowler corpse. It appears Gath’llzogg and the blackrock  Orc are planing to make an direct assult on Stormwind. Magistrate thing there nothing we can do, and in come Colonel Troteman to let us know that a man who has served 248 consecutive tours of duty and have spend 5 years as a urinal of young orcs, is living in the town as an out cast! But he dosn’t want to help us, since he come home he been called a baby orc killer and been spit at.

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