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Butcherblock Mountains:

So before i went off to Butcherblock Mountains i made my home in Freeport, and picked up a Mercenary. I know way back when i last played Everquest 2 there were not Mercenary, but as thing were starting to get a little tough i went out and got one. Based on what i could find online for an Assassin a Tank like one is probably the best. It sounded like a Paladin was probably the best, but as going to qeynous wasn’t going to work well i went with a guardian

Timorous Deep: 15-19: Forever alone

So far i really love EQ2 again and i think everyone who has never played it should try it out again… But it so lonely. Even though i’m on the server with the highest population, you rarely see other people. Specially when you’ve played games like Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scroll Online where everyone is on the same mega server, or lower level content is not really lower level content any more. It just feel very weird to walk around an MMO and see no one.

I did manage to complete all the quest in Timorous Deep. The switch from 50% to AA’s to 25% to AA’s helped. I got to  19.3 before i rand out of quest. I also currently have 43 AA’s which feels super fast but i like it. I have died about 3 time, but so far i don’t worry to much about dEQ2_000007eath.

Timorous Deep: Level 10 – 15: Summer 2015

So when i got to 10 i realized that alternative advancement had opened up. I don’t remember this from when i played before, but there is now some auto AA maps set up for you. So if you want to solo but don’t want to have to think about the AA’s you just select the solo map and every time you get an AA the game will put it in the right place. And i’m going to let that happen since i really don’t know what i should be putting my point in right now.


The next 5 level ended up taking a lot longer to get to 15. Now a lot of this might be that my AA’s were set to 50% (I believe that is the default). By the time i got to level 15 i had 30 AA which is pretty nice. Right now i’m going to keep it to level 50% since i still the same level as my quest. But i noticed once i turned 15 that most of the quest where now level 17-18 and most of the mobs i needed to fight where 17 and 18. So for the next 5 level’s i’m going to bring down the AA bar from 50% down to 25%. Still 30 AA’s in 5 levels isn’t bad


Now i know i am going to be getting close to level 20 and going to have to leave Timorous Deep. There 3 places i can head off to.

  • Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, or Butcherblock Mountains. I”m not sure which one i’m going to pick, but i think i’m going to try Thundering Stepps first and see if it has changed since the game came out.


Timorous Deep: Level 1 – 10 Summer 2015

So i’m starting out as an Ogre Assassin called Ratbear (that was my user name way way way way back in the old eq2 days and i wanted to relive it). Last time i tired the game out i started in the dark elf city and i remember saying i felt the game look aged. Starting out in Timorous Deep it dosn’t seem as ages, I mean yes it is compared to like Elder Scrolls online but is isn’t to bad.


So far i really like the game, i’m not sure what i was thinking the last time i played it. One thing that a little depressing it seem the speed of XP is faster than the quest i’m getting. By the time i was level 5 i was still working on my level 3 quests. I don’t want to skip some of the quest just because i’m out level an area.



Let me go back on my statement above, by the time i got to level 8 i was doing level 8 quest, so it just very early on that there is a gap like that. That gap probably because at the low level killing a mob is like 10% of the level. Overall the first 10 level of the game i really really liked. You would think since i had played through all this content multiple times years ago i would not really enjoy it but i did.



I would honestly say if you haven’t played Everquest 2 in a while, pick it up, it free to play now so there no cost in trying.

Starting out in Everquest 2 again Summer 2015

Everquest and Everquest 2 have been some of my favorite MMO that i have played. And i’ve decided to give both of them a try again.

For Everquest 1 i’m going to wait until May 20th when the new progression server comes out I am planing on playing a Cleric on that server.

For Everquest 2 i’m starting to play today. I”m going to play as Ratbear an Assassin on Antonia Bayle. I decided not to start on the old server i used to be on Butcherblock as the population is currently listed as light (well all the eq2 server are listed as light) and i wanted to be one with a lot of people.

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — Part 4: My Traitorous Wife

My Wife has decided to start a faction to kill me… While continuing to have sex with me and have my babies…. Only in Crusader Kings 2.

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — part 3. The war for Pictland

In this episode my only Duke (who own 4 of the 6 counties in the country of Pictland), has declared war on me. Will i be able to survive the battle as King of Pictland?

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 part 2– Settling in

Part 2 of my lets play

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — Part 1 starting out

So I’ve decided to do a lets play with Crusader Kits 2.

I decided to start with the earliest start 769, what this mean is a lot of the tech and building that are in the normal starts are not build and we will have to build them. For this let play i’m starting out as the King of Pictland which is the predecessor to Scotland.

Since this is my first Let play, i will probably suck, so any feed back would be good.

First Attempted at a Let’s Play

So i don’t say anything on this video i’m just trying out the quality of the video to see if it looks well or not. Right now this seem to work with out to many CPU Spikes.


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