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Return to Everquest 2 TLE server

Almost 10 years ago i made this blog specificly for Everquest 2. It has been about 5-6 years since i’ve played Everquest 2, other than randomly trying it out. With the new TLE server i’m planing to try Everquest 2 again.

This time around i want to play a healing class (since it a class i never played before). I also plan to play on the PVP server which is going to be something different for me. Since i am on vacation i won’t be able to play until this weekened when i get back to the states. But i got that new game feeling again.

Hearthstone: June 2015 Mage Duplicate Control Deck

So i have not played Hearthstone in a while but i feel like try again in June. I really liked playing Mage last time so i’m going with another Mage deck. This deck is based off Sottle Legendary Mage Duplicate Control BrM deck, though i made some modification.

My Deck is very similar to him except for the following

  • Faceless Manipulator — Replacing Zombie Chow
  • Ragnaros the Fireloard — Replacing one Explosive Sheep
  • Ysera — Replacing Sylvanas Windrunner — since i don’t have one of these cards

Why i made these changes… I have no idea why Sottle has Zombie Chow in the deck other than to have a cheap card to play at the beinging. One of the things i notice with this deck is that i tend to lose in the end (running out of cards) and then it a battle to see who can live the longest. So to change that i put 3 really good finishing cards.

Explosive Sheep i completely understand why he has 2 of these cards. The card is pretty much a 2 damage nuke to everything.

Sylvanas Windrunner i don’t have this cards so i replaced it with Ysera as she give pretty good end game cards to play with.


Now how this deck works is with your duplicated.  Your mid range cards Water Elemental and Sludge Belcher normally will be able to take out 2 of your opponents cards before they die. (Sludge Belcher force them to attack it even). Buy having duplicate up when you play the card you end up with 2 copies.

Citys: Skyline Ogre Town 2016




Another full year has past in the game and i’m expanding the city pretty well. One thing that was staring to back up was traffic in to my city. We had the freeway leading in to a one way 2 lane road, What i have done is use tunnels to kind of fix some of the traffic issues. The freeway enter a 2 lay row that goes over to the industrial area. This way all the import and export go straight where they need to go. I have a second tunnel that branches off the first that goes to the where people live. This way i split the 2 sources of cars on the road and they won’t get in each others day




I have decided to fill out this square first with just low density stuff. The goal is to make sure this place is making enough money and self sufficient that it can create money while i make the bigger down town later



Since it is early in the game there isn’t any crash or anything to worry about, but as i start making a down town in a few year we will have to worry about death spikes.



Cities Skyline: Ogre Town 2015

I haven’t blogged about this game before, but i was super existed when it came out a few months ago. Last week they release the first big patch that added new maps, but also tunnel which is super helpful when your making towns. The City game simulates every day of every year (depending on your speed can be like 1 second per day or about 10 on the slowest).  So i decided to start over in the game with no mods and try to make the largest city i can.

So this is the city of Ogre Town (i didn’t name that in the game i probably should). The game start on what ever today is, and goes from there. So what you see here is 1/2 a year worth of time gone by. The layout of the city is pretty standard. Residential on the left, 2 blocks worth of commerce , and then 2 blocks of industry.


City at the end of year 2015

There isn’t much going on in the city early on, i pretty much have enough money to put all the services in and expand.



Everquest Ragefire: Orc Camp Level 10-12

So as much as i enjoy Faydwer there seem to be better opportunities for grouping inside Antonica. I Found a pretty good solo spot in Commonlands between Orc camp 2 and the undead Tower. There are lots of blue/white and some yellow bears, cats, zombies. As long as your near the mountain none of the one i mentioned will come much farther than the road. Which means you can pull and not worry to much about add sneaking up behind you. You do have to watch out hill giants do use the same paths the other do and they will kick your ass.

Overall i can solo all the blue, whites and even the yellow pretty well. The key thing for me is the commonlands has a good solo area, but also it very close to almost all the group areas people have asked me to go to. After about 1/2 an hour of soloing i got invited to Orc Camp 1 in the commonlands. Seeing as most of the mobs where blue to me and a few where gray, we were probably a little high for the camp, but i did have a fun time



The hardest thing for me so far in Everquest is being social, i’m trying to group with them (IE make friends). I think this is the hardest, but most rewarding part of an MMO, finding nameless people you don’t know and become friends with, because a lot of these friendship do last even after the game is over.



Everquest 2: 2015 Butcher Block to 30, what to the cities of Faydwer

The view when your climbing up to Butcher block is pretty amazing, it still feels weird switching between everquest and everquest 2. The game feel so so so different for being made by the same people and about the same thing. I feel like a god in Everquest 2 going around slaughtering anything that comes in my way.



But now that i’ve been playing in everquest 1 Butcher block and Everquest 2’s butcher block a thought came to my head, what happened to the cities of Faydwer. All the cities are there but different thing happened to them

  • Kaladim suffered a cave in when the cataclysm struck, the Dwarves inside and outside tried to clear the cave in, but before they where able to the dwarves inside stop making noise. What ended up happening was that the Horde of Serilis invaded Kaladim .
  • Felwithe is also in the game with a new name (New Tuaria) What happened here was that the High Elf decided to lock them self away from the rest of the world. Shunning outsider slowly creating a new race called Renda’Dal (pure elf)
  • Ak’anon this one i’m not 100% sure on, but what i’ve read is the Gnomes left the city after the shattering because they felt it was unsave. The clockwork have always self aware and took care of the city, when the Gnomes came back the clockworks took it as a thread to a city they felt was there city
  • Kelethin is the only city that survives as a real city, but it now controled by the Fae.

Everquest Ragefire: Blacksmithing

W00t so i made it to level 10, but i was pretty much pooped from grouping for a few hours to get to 10. I decided i was going to take up a tradeskill since i had about 33 Plat. Since i’m a cleric and cleric wear heavy armor i decided to go Smithing. Now a lot of the guide out their for everquest tradeskill are for how the game is today and not back in the day. But the everquest 1999 project Wiki has a good leveling guide that works

Now tradeskilling isn’t easy. I managed to get to level 41. The problem is getting the materials. The Small Pieces of Ore needed for Metal bits were sold in Kaladin, while the flask of water i had to go to Felwithe. That got me to 21. To move on i needed to get some Mold’s, the specific mold i need was in Kelethin… so more ruining. But i did manage to get to 41.

This was also my first time in Kelethin since starting. I remember loving this City when i played 10 years ago… Now it feel more like a maze some evil person made.


Everquest Ragefire: Group give godly XP, Level 7-10

So one thing i forgot about Everquest is you get a pretty big bonus for grouping. I grouped up with a few of the guys from RageFirePyre (Eq2-daily guys) and we took some of the harder mobs in Butcher block, the 3 of us did pretty well, but there are a few mobs that are social that really kicked our asses. Solo it was taking maybe 3-5 kills to go up 1%, with the group taking on white and yellow mobs we were taking 3-5% per kill. Though we would be complete drained of mana and had to rest 2 minute, it was much faster than just soloing.

Loot though… i need a crash course on the advance loot option. Cause there confusing the crap out of me.


So i managed to get on with out much trouble and i head off to the Commonlands. Now that i was level 7, butcher block seem to easy, and the only place that i knew of that wasn’t to crowed was the Common lands. After dying 2 times i decided to put my LFG tag up. Very quickly i got a tell asking me if i wanted to join a group, so i joined them. The group was in Nektulos Forest, and as a high elf i was a little worried about guards. Lucky the area we were in was close to the command lands and the nearest guard didn’t move

The group was pretty epic, we ended up camping one of the orc camps for a few hours. This got me from level 7 to almost level 10, but i had so many bricks of crude bronze on me i could not move. Does anyone know if bricks of Crude Bronze are used for any blacksmithing thing?


Butcherblock Everquest 2 2015 vs Everquest

So i managed to Everquest my self out and decided to go back to my assassin in Everquest 2. You don’t realize how different these 2 games are until you’ve play them both back to back.

Everquest 2 is super super super fast pace, there no down time. You can go mob after mob and ding another level super quick. The mobs you go after are yellow even orange because your super over power, and you expect a level every hour or so. You really forget that your playing with other people because you don’t need them

Everquest 1 is slow, after every fight there like a minute worth of down time. Yellow mobs = your death if your not in a group. You can solo, but if you want fast XP you need a group. Because of the down time you tend to talk with other player, and you much more aware of people and who they are. Overall because the game is slow and people would get bored with the down time they talk with others. This makes Everquest 1 a much much more social game than everquest2.

So far i’m level 10 in everquest 1, and i’ve grouped with people, i talk in the channels, i ask questions, and i’ve made friends

In everquest 2, i’m level 26, i don’t think i’ve ever talked to any one. I’m pretty much playing the game by my self.

Would a game like Everquest survive today if it just came out, a lot of people would say no, but i think Eve is kind of what game. So it possible, but you wouldn’t have many of them.

Everquest Ragefire: Off to Ro

So i got to level 5 and 1/2. Most of the mob around Butcherblock are no longer giving me much XP, and the zone just over run with people. So i decided to try my luck in North Ro or the Commonlands. I have some weird memory from like 10 years ago that one of those 2 area had lots of Skeletons.

My plan was to go to one of these zone and kill a bunch of skeleton and then come back to Kaladin to turn in a bunch. Power leveling for the win. I got the North Ro desert and there just so many people, and unlike Butcherblock or Greater Faydark where you see 1 or 2 races, there it like a true mixing ground of all the races. But because of that anything that was walking was getting killed.





I did manage to kill some skeletons but the drop rate of bone chips seemed lower. So i moved on to the commonlands. This is the area that i remember about, but there was not as many as i thought. There were less people in this are, but the mobs where harder and there some that agro which made some fights tough. But i stayed here until i go to Level 6 before gating back home to Felwithe

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