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Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 6 (Big Town)

So i spent a lot of time working on the freeway system. I’ve added 2 set of free ways to the town. The Vertical one that runs though the middle of the city (Allowing for easy access in an out of the city). And a horizontal one that leads to the island on the right. I plan to make the island to the right a huge densely populated Residential area. With the free way being one of the main ways to the industrial and commercial districts.

Now i just can’t plop it down because the amount of cars it would generate would overwell the freeway system. I will need to invest in to subways and busses in the next episode. I plan to upgrade the current house area’s in to mostly high density area and try the subways lines.

Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 5 (Busy Town)

Traffic was starting to get bad on the main strip. So i’ve added extra onramps that go straight to the main road of my industrial district. This will get a lot of the heavy trucks off the main road and send them to the side.

The rest of the city is starting to take shape. I have all the roads for my first residential area set up. Once we reached the population limit the middle area with the 2 and 3 lane roads will be converted to high density housing. Before i do that though i’ll need to add the free way down the middle, and connect the extra roads to the Commercial and  Industrial area.

I have not done it yet but i need to set up some buses and rail lines at some point.

Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 4 (Boom Town)

Wellcome to part 4. Since we are getting past the intro stage now post are going to get more detail…

First thing first. Park. Now that we’ve unlocked parks i’ve gone ahead an put some down. My idea is try to get the most of the smaller park with out devoting to much land to them. So this is the spacing i’ve come up with. There might be something more optimal, but this works.

I’ve also started to lay down the rest of the roads to complete my first residential area. Right now there is only 1 road that connect the residential area to the rest of the city, but that will soon be 3. But right now traffic isn’t an issue and i want to build the freeway through the middle of the city first.

Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 3 (Tiny Town)

Since everything is moving very fast because of the road mess up i did in part 1. I just was able to plop down my Landfill, clinic, and fire Station before i ran out of money.

Since i had access to both loans i went ahead and took them, which gave me a ton of money. So i expanded residential, commercial and industry area. plopped down the elementary school and the Police station.

Right now i’m leaving an area between my commercial area, and my residential area to continue the free way. I also plan to at some point by the area below my city so that i can add new free way onramps for the industrial area. But right now traffic isn’t an issue.

Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 2 (Worthy Village)

Well it only took 1 minute to get to a Worthy Village, Since i had a bunch of houses that were created, but no way for anyone to get to them, once i fixed the road a bunch of people moved in pushing me over the limit.

Since a bunch of people moved in i went from having lot of extra power to needing more power. I also was just starting to expand the industrial area when i hit the achievement.


Lets play Cities Skyline: Lakedale Part 1 (Little Hamlet)

So i’ve had Cities Skyline for a while but i haven’t been able to make a large city. Mainly it get a little out of hand and i start over… This time i plan to start a city and play it until its huge.

This is the city of Lakedale, right as i reach the little Hamlet population of 400. The plan for the city is to the have the residential area. on the right side. With Commercial in the middle and industry on the left side. Right now i have a bunch of abandon building because i was not paying attention and created a 1 way roads out of the residential area, so no one could go to work… opps.

Everquest 2 TLE: Level 20

I got back from Japan 3 weeks ago and have been playing on the Everquest 2 TLE server for the last three weeks. I’ve decided to make 3 character and level them up at the same time.


Emobear is my level Inquisitor, and my provisioner of the group. I’ve never played a healer in Everquest before i decided it would be nice to try one out. I went with the Inquisitor because i heard they could solo pretty well, and with most of my character i do plan to solo most of the time. Out of the 3 character i’ve been playing, she been the hardest to get the right rhythm with, but i finally found a spell order that works very very well.



Ogrebears was the name of the first character i played in Everquest 2. A guardian warrior who was also an armorer. So far i started trying to use a sword and a shield, but that doesn’t work as well solo wise. So i picked up a large 2 hand weapon. Since it has a 6 second timer on it there are period where i don’t appear to be doing much damage, and then wack… 1/2 the guys health goes away.



Ratbear is a recreation of my first alt that became my main character, and i used to raid with starting with KOS. There something about playing an assassin that i love.


Return to Everquest 2 TLE server

Almost 10 years ago i made this blog specificly for Everquest 2. It has been about 5-6 years since i’ve played Everquest 2, other than randomly trying it out. With the new TLE server i’m planing to try Everquest 2 again.

This time around i want to play a healing class (since it a class i never played before). I also plan to play on the PVP server which is going to be something different for me. Since i am on vacation i won’t be able to play until this weekened when i get back to the states. But i got that new game feeling again.

Hearthstone: June 2015 Mage Duplicate Control Deck

So i have not played Hearthstone in a while but i feel like try again in June. I really liked playing Mage last time so i’m going with another Mage deck. This deck is based off Sottle Legendary Mage Duplicate Control BrM deck, though i made some modification.

My Deck is very similar to him except for the following

  • Faceless Manipulator — Replacing Zombie Chow
  • Ragnaros the Fireloard — Replacing one Explosive Sheep
  • Ysera — Replacing Sylvanas Windrunner — since i don’t have one of these cards

Why i made these changes… I have no idea why Sottle has Zombie Chow in the deck other than to have a cheap card to play at the beinging. One of the things i notice with this deck is that i tend to lose in the end (running out of cards) and then it a battle to see who can live the longest. So to change that i put 3 really good finishing cards.

Explosive Sheep i completely understand why he has 2 of these cards. The card is pretty much a 2 damage nuke to everything.

Sylvanas Windrunner i don’t have this cards so i replaced it with Ysera as she give pretty good end game cards to play with.


Now how this deck works is with your duplicated.  Your mid range cards Water Elemental and Sludge Belcher normally will be able to take out 2 of your opponents cards before they die. (Sludge Belcher force them to attack it even). Buy having duplicate up when you play the card you end up with 2 copies.

Citys: Skyline Ogre Town 2016




Another full year has past in the game and i’m expanding the city pretty well. One thing that was staring to back up was traffic in to my city. We had the freeway leading in to a one way 2 lane road, What i have done is use tunnels to kind of fix some of the traffic issues. The freeway enter a 2 lay row that goes over to the industrial area. This way all the import and export go straight where they need to go. I have a second tunnel that branches off the first that goes to the where people live. This way i split the 2 sources of cars on the road and they won’t get in each others day




I have decided to fill out this square first with just low density stuff. The goal is to make sure this place is making enough money and self sufficient that it can create money while i make the bigger down town later



Since it is early in the game there isn’t any crash or anything to worry about, but as i start making a down town in a few year we will have to worry about death spikes.



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