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Fixing Quest Completist for Legion

Update: Since posting this, Quest Completist has been updated for Legion!!!
One of the Warcraft mods i use is called Quest Completist. It still hasn’t been updated for Legion (7.XX). With Legion the map changed and now all the quest marker on the map can no longer be seen, which really suck for those of us trying to complete all the quests. After looking through the forms i found a way to get it working again.,

Here how to fix Quest Completist:

Open the following folder:

world of warcraft -> interface -> addons -> QuestCompletist

There should be a file called “qcCore” you’ll want to open that in a text editor. Fine the following lines.


Make the following change to the 2 middle lines of those four


All your doing is adding a — before the 2 line above. What this does is comment out these 2 line. Save the file and restart World of Warcraft, and you should now see all the quest on the map again.

Do not none of the Legion quest are in so they will not appear on the map

Grizzly Hill is just amazing

It really didn’t hit me until i enter Grizzly Hills on my mage at how much amazing Blizzard is at putting together a world. Here i am in a forest, that just looks amazing, and the music just fit with the overall theme of the zone and get me even deeper in to the game. And their little pocket that are different and they have different music that fit in very very well together.

Burning legion was fun.. but Wrath of the lich king is steps above it.


Mapping every places i’ve been (project on my other blog)

Hey, I’m still alive. I know I have not blogged in a while. But I’m still playing Wow. So as some of you know I’m also a programmer and lately, I’ve been finding myself, wanting to work on a small programming project. So I’ve started the first of these project on my programming blog.

What I’m planning to do with this project is show how to get location data out of your images, google, and foursquare and plot them on a map, so you can see every place you’ve been. I’ve completed the first part (getting data out of all the images I’ve taken, and the information is here)

65 level later… i figure out how to play an Frost Mage in Warcraft

Prior to finding out how to play my ice mage, the way i was playing was the following:

I would use frostbolt, followed by Ice Lance, over and over. I didn’t understand what Finger of Forst was and how it worked with a frost mage until i read a DPS guide on Icy Veins.

So now i use the following:

  • Water Elemental’s: Freeze (i’ve bound this to Alt + 1 key). This freezes the enemy and generates a Finger of Forst.
  • Frostbolt
  • Ice Lance — which will hit for a crit from the freeze above

If  my Water Elemental’s Freeze is down i will do the following

  • Frozen Orb — which will also generate a Finger of forst for me
  • Frostbolt
  • Ice Lance

I also make sure i keep Ice Barrier and ice Ward up on my character most of the time. And that is pretty much my rotation. With that said, Tomarrow is Pre patch day and i will have to completely relearn Frost Mage after just learning it.

Classic World of Warcraft complete, looking back at the good and bad

So i got my Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor, and all three of my characters have made it to level 60. Overall i had a ton of fun and have put way way way more hours in to WOW than is probably healthy.

I did have some issues. I found when i got to about level 40 my mage went from easily killing everything to having a little bit of trouble in thousand needles. My mage died a few times trying to complete that zone. I am sure what the issue was as after that zone i didn’t have much trouble at all. And i didn’t really change my play style. The only thing i did was spent some time investing in Int gears.

Other than that i didn’t really have much trouble killing anything.WoWScrnShot_062416_222637


I also kept my 2 primary tradeskills as close to the max level for my level as i could. I didn’t really find much of an issue. I can see tailors having an issue in the later levels, i had 3 characters feed my tailor cloth and i barely had enough to level it. Same thing with enchanting i had 3 characters passing over every bind gear i got to my enchanter.

Getting cooking to 300 is hard. Pretty much i got stuck in the upper 200’s. At which point i figure out the best way to leaver is to harvest bear Flanks until you get to 285. At which point you go to Silithus and pick up a 285 recipe that will get you to 300. The only other way is by fishing.

The Adventure of Ogrebearss: Join the Blackrock troops

John send me to Chiselgrip on the way take out as many Blackrock troops as i can.

Chiselgrip is a small camp in the middle of Burning Steppes, John and i met up with Stebben Oreknuckle. Stebben is part of the Thorium Brotherhood and would like us to take out some of the other Dark Iron Dwarves clans in the Ruins of Thaurissan.


John and I meat up with Colonel Troteman and our plan is to set up a costume. Some thread, leather and mud and i’m good to go. The plan is to enter the black tooth hovel and talk with the orc named Quatermaster Kaoshin, I am to do what ever he wants.

Quatermaster Kaoshin wants me to Polish some shoes. While i’m working on the Shoes, Colonel Troteman contacts me to let me know i have a few marks i need to take out while i’m at it. After taking them out i got back to cleaning some shoes until there no more shoes to shiny. He want meo to call the kodos back to camp as there getting close to attacking Redridge soon.


The Kodos come back, and Colonel Troteman want me to bring the horn back. My Next mission is to talk to General Thorg’izog. General Thorg’izog want me to fight a Fire Elemental that goblins brought in for him, or i’m not work this time. Easyily defeated, next he want me to get his men in order, Troteman want me to slay his sergeant

The Adventures of Ogrebears: The Burning Steppes

Oilfist sent me to the Burning Steppes to talk to Mouton Flamestar. Mouton informs me that the Blackrock orcs server a dark master who is performing experiments on living creatures. I need to help free the baby dragon whelpings trhat they have tied down. Just as i’m about to head out i see John J. Keeshan… YES that John J. Keeshan from the Redridge Mountains, he alive. He not done fighting the blackrock orcs and want me to take the fight to them before they come back.


I head back and John lets me know that Torteman made it out of Redridge as well. John let me know it time to stock up for war! I”m off to get supplies. I got the suplies, and he let me know we are going to head east to Colonel Troteman, but before we do he want me to a warlock Gorzeeki Wildeyes who i am to ask that i need. The sand, the cider, and the orb.

Gorzeeki want me to steal back the sand, slider Cider, and the Glass Orb from the other warlocks. Super easy and I return to John Keeshan who says we are ready to move are war Left.


The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Deep in the Gorge

I arrive at Thorium Point and inform Overseer Oilfist of what we found. Based on the information i’ve given he believe one of the “Archduke’s” minions is Rasha’krak, and he currently near the lava pools to the south. I arive back after killing Rasha’krak and he thanks me.

Hansel Heavyhands one of Overseers underlings wants me to hunt down 3 Twilight Minsters. Firewatch Ridge, Kiyuubi Letherio, and Finister. I return witht he 3 leader crystals. He lets me know that they don’t have a strong enough force to take out the Twilight. I should go talk with Mountain-Lord Rendan and see if they will help.


Mountain-Lord Rendan let me know his tower is under Siege and i need to help him or he can’t help Overseer Oilfist. After helping Rendan i let him know Overseer oilfist is waiting. Rendan looks at me and lets me know that he lied, he can’t spare the men… I need to find a way to get hime to join the Thorium Brotherhood.  Dancing!!!! We create a konga line was Draves and he cave in and will join us.

Overseer Olifist thanks me for being the Mountain-lord, he let me know i’m going to help the attack from the air. We took them out and now are in the mines. I’ve been asked to free the slaves and kill their leaders. After freeing the slaves and killing some leader, they’ve asked me to steal their pillows. … pillows.

Finnalys i might kill Twilight-Lord Arkkus and Overseer Malorius, deeper in the cave i must take out Archduke calcinder


The Adventures of Ogrebears: In to the Searing Gorge

I arrive in the searing Gorge to find the Thorium Brotherhood campped out. Jack Rockleg and Burrian Coalpart of the Thorium Brotherhood are looking for me. Jack been watching the Dark Iron Dwarves act strangly and want me to find out why. Burrian want me to kill some of the Dark Iron Geologist and watchmen.

Returning Jack thanks me, but it turn out Grimeslit wasn’t as high up as he though. I need to take out there higher ups until Boss Dinwisker appears. After killing Boss Dinwisker i noticed that he dropped a Dark Ember, i bring this back to Jack


Jack want me to report to Overseer Oilfist who is at Thorium Point.

The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Deathwing attacks

We head off to Dragon’s Mouth were Rheastrasza is hanging out. In Rheastrasza haste she forgot to deal with Nyxondra who has informed the rest of the Black dragons/drakes what going on. There on the look out for the egg. She want us to tal kto Eric “The Swift” on dealing with the black dragons.


Rheastrasza want me to take out General Jirakka, Moldarr and some of the dragonspawn’s. After taking them out, Rheastrasza let us know that Nyxondra is still looking for her and needs to be taken care of.

Rheastrasza went to get the egg, and Deathwing come kills Rhea. The egg that was destroyed was not the pureified black dragon egg but her own. She sacrifised her own children and her self.


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