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Day 1 of Everquest Next Landmark

Everquest Next Landmark is an alpha. As a software engineer i know what an alpha is so i know what i am getting my self in to. I’m afraid for SOE that a lot of the people who paid to get in to Alpha are not sure what they are getting in to and that might cause some Negative publicity from people who were expecting something closer to a beta or an almost finished polished game.

So i’m playing as Ogrebears on the Courage, and i managed to get plot early in the alpha on the edge of a tier 2 island (or what ever SOE is calling them). I Forget what it is called, and the server appear to have just gotten locked as i was going to get check.

Overall i think this game has a lot of potential, having a world were you can build your own peace of it is fun and lets players be very creative… But i worry about what happens after playing have created there stuff, what do they do then. Way way way back in the data there was (and still is) a place called Alpha World. Alpha world was developed over 18 years ago, it allowed anyone to claim a space and start building, and you could build what ever you wanted. It was big for a while (in the late 90′s) but that died down.


Fast forward a few years and Second life came around, and again a lot of people joined second life. Second life had most of the thing that Alpha world had but you could create your own items and sell them. This let creator receive money.

I feel Everquest Next Landmark take the best from Alpha World and Seconds Life and mixes it with minecraft type of elements. IF SOE is able to add some MMO elements that keep people want to say in the world and build more, then i think the game has a lot of potential. IF not it still ends up being a pretty good long alpha/beta test for the thing that they plan to us in Everquest Next which is a smart move.


Q1 2014, Games i’m looking forward to

Feb 25 2014 — Thief (PS4/XBOX one)–

So this game so far seem pretty interesting. From what i’ve seen from it, it seem similar to dishonor and Assassins Creed. If it gets good rating and i’ve bought a next gen console by them i will probably get the game.

Q1 2014 — The Repopulation
So this sound like an interesting MMO, i haven’t really heard much about it until now. I’ll have to look in to this game and learn more about it so i’m going to keep in on my rader for now.

Q1 2014 — Age of Wonder III
I’ve never played any of the other age of wonder lands. From the different trailers i’ve seen it looks interesting. I am pretty sure i’m going to end up buying this game when it comes out.

Q1 2014 — Banish. Game of the year!!! So this single guy decided to make a game, and make probably one of the best city building strategy games i’ve seen in a while. Hopefully it will be out this year, but well worth the wait.

I have a pair of Google glasses, now what?

So i won’t go in to much detail, but last week i received my code to buy a part of Google glasses from google, and i went a head and spent the $1500 it cost to buy them.

I’m excepted to get them on Monday morning, as a tech guy and a programer i’m totally stoked. I’ll blog more about them when i got them up and running.

First 20 level in EQ2 2013

Aged is probably the best way to describe Everquest 2. I some how remember the game as having these amazing graphics. I look at the game today and that not what i see.

The image below show it off very well. The building below look almost like they don’t below with the world. The world seem to be lower quality than that items in the world, and that can be off putting.



Ok so restarting in Everquest 2, as i said i started in Darklight Woods over all the zone was ok. I would of love more of a story around the zone, yes there is a story but i couldn’t really get behind it.

Something i like since i’ve been gone. AA by default will get spent automatically on pve solo list that has been created. I like this because i don’t really want to have to look each level where to spend my AA point. Down the road i might, but right now having it done automatically make life easier for a new players.

So far i’m having fun, Looking at the eq2.wikia zone by level guide the next place to go is either Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, or Butcherblock mountains.  Since Butcherblock is the only zone that wasn’t launched with the game i’m going to head there.

Return to Everquest 2

It been more than 2 years or more since i’ve played everquest 2. So i’ve decided to try it again. I logged in to my old account and found out i have no clue on how to play the game. So i’ve decided to reroll a new character from level 1 and try again.

It appears the server i used to be on Kithicor was merged in to Butcherblock on Dec 2010… I”m pretty sure the last time i played it was Kithicor, so maybe its been more than 3 years.

So my main in EQ2 was an assassin so i’ve started as an assassin again on Butcherblock. My name is Ratbears (with an s this time). And i’m starting in Darklight Woods.

Nov 13′s Everquest Next Landmark Livestream

You can watch yesterday Live Stream here.

I’m going to watch the video and and jot down some notes below (with the time) and then include wrap up at the end of the video on what i think overall.

3:00 — The video starts, unless you want to view feet moving

4:00 the world feel a little flat,, or painted, that might be what there going for, but i do hope they add more grass, flowers and 3rd stuff to the world.

5:00 I’m guessing it Terry feet.

6:30 — Info on the founder pack.. i voiced my option on this earlier, i’m still thinking about getting the trailblazer.

8:00 — There showing off the character clothing you get in the game.

9:00 — That mountains in the background need more stuff on it, it just too plain.

10:40 — PC only at the moment (probably PS4 if they get time.. Corp Sony probably wants this).

11:10 — Everquest Next Landmark is launching with just humans, which i think is ok.

12:25 — They only plan for 2 wipes (between alpha/closed beta, and closed beta and open beta). First wipe a pretty big one everything but the character. Second wipe is just a little one, but you get to keep your resources

14:00 — The game dosn’t transfer anything to EQNext (which i think is fine as well).

16:00 — The picaxe never breaks. There are 4 tools in the game. One a pick, ones an axe. It combines the 2 together. It not the best in the game.

17:00 — They have tiers for resource. They have different quality tools for each tier, better tier, means faster harvesting it sounds.

19:30 — A run through of how the game works. There showing how the games works.

23:00 — i’m impressed so far.

24: 00 — They have copy and past… you can save stuff as a template, and then other player can buy your templates.

27:30 — Questions time

27:35 — NDA. ALPHA will have an NDA. after that they will see.

29:00 — Combat, sometime after launch.

33:00 — they talked about the size of the world, but it didn’t really mean much i can’t really tell how large thing are

34:00 — When you heal you get the thing you spent back.

37:00 — Landmark will have all the tool that you will have in Everquest next, so you may even play DND… i’ll have to see that but it might be possible.

39:00 — You have to find and dig the stuff, could go very deep in the world. You can trade with people for resources.

39:40 — When you claim part of the world you control permission on who can build.

44:30 — There is day and night in the game.


Overall for a pre-alpha it looks pretty good. I can imagine my self building a very very very large castle, with a mote, maybe a large ogre statue…. It looks pretty good for a pre-alpha game.


Thoughts on Everquest Next Landmark: Founder’s Pack

So i just got back from vacation so i’m just now reading about the Founder’s Park for Everquest Next Landmark. SoE has release 3 different packs for EverQuest Next Landmark

  • Settler Pack — $19.99
    • Unlimited Closed Beta
    • Settler Flag Item
    • Founder’s Pickaxe
    • Title: Founder
    • Forum Title: Founder
  • Explore Pack — $59.99
    • Everything above
    • Alpha Access
    • Explorer Flag Item
    • Ring of Bounty
    • Mega Pocket
    • Courtier’s Regalia
    • Tech Sergeant’s Gear
  • Trailblazer Pack — $99.99
    • Everything above
    • Trailblazer Flag Item
    • Mastercraft bracer
    • Void Vault
    • Noble’s Regalia
    • Tech Commander’s Gear
    • 4 Shareable Closed Beta Key
    • Your Name in EQNL Credits

Ok first i think this confirms my thought that i had a while ago. I believe SOE is in a place where they financially need money to be able to finish Everquest Next. They recently laid some people off, and they’ve had to restart development on Everquest Next twice. Meaning a revenue stream they thought they would have at this point in time is not there yet. John Smedley may disagree, but i think there some truth in this. Landmark helps get it there, selling access to beta/alpha also helps it get it there.

Now i know a lot of people are upset over the fact that SOE is pretty much selling spaces in to Alpha and Beta… BUT I actually think its a good idea. I really think beta today are meaningless the majority of the people who get in beta are not doing it to beta test the game, but to play it to see if they want to play it or not. Or so that they can find the fastest way to level so that they can say they where first. I think by putting a price for getting in to alpha/beta you cut out a lot of people who just want to try the game out and get to the people who really care about the game that there willing to pay for it. Also it give SOE the extra money they need to make the game.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but i think it a good idea, i think it will get SOE the people they need who care about SOE games to sign up and try.

With all this said, i do plan to buy a Trailblazer pack

Falkreath to Markarth

These cities have a pretty long distance between then, and when your making the journey by foot stopping all the time to go in to cave and stuff it takes quite a bit of time. I think i left Falkreath at level 10-11 and made it to Markarth at level 15.

The path to Markarth is beautiful, unlike the other part of the world, which either have a lot of trees, or open space, the path to markarth is more mountainy, which looks great. I didn’t go up to it, but there this great waterfalls off in the distance that i will want to check out one day. I love the way the world looks.



On my way i had a quest to kill a bandit chief in Amber Guard (Amber Guard is one of the mod i downloaded). It was a pretty fun experience, and got me quit a bit of gold. I think continued on to Gloomreach. This was my first dealing with the Falmer. There harder than most of the other areas i’ve been to, but going slowly and healing my self i was able to take them all out and get a ton of experience along the way. From there i went off to Reachwind Eyrie… i’m guessing i missed something in this tower. Or maybe it just a tower… i don’t know



And finally i got to spend some time with my fellow Orc in Dushnikh Yal before finally making it to Markarth




Moonpaths to Elsweyr

So here i am, a level 10 warrior, just completed the few quest there are in Falkreath, and i’m sitting here wondering where should i go. And i realized on that long list of over 55 mod i installed i had Moonpaths to elsweyr installed let me try that…. Well turn out level 10 is probably not the right level to go try, i got my ass handed to me. I go back and read the note and they recommend a level much higher than 10 to start…. opps, i’ll come back to this one later. But from what i did see it did look pretty good.



Now one thing i will say is i did make it past the first area in the Mod, it did take a long time and me trying to get the guy i was fighting stuck in barrels and stuff but i did manage to kill them. But over all i had to stop and go back to Falkreath (which i coudln’t figure out how to do other than pick an older save, anyone know how to go back or you can’t?). So i’ll be coming back to this one latter.

So the next though i had was what do i do now. Most of the other time i play skyrim i stayed on the eastern side of the world, so i made a decision to head west to Markarth.



On the road from Whiterun to Falkreath

So after playing both a mage and a warrior to level 6 i decided to just play my warrior. I found that my mage was harder to play even when i had a companion with me, and with my warrior i rarly ever took damage before killing thing in a few chops of my 2 handed weapon.

One of the goals i have in this play through is to use fast travel less often and visit most of the place that appear in the map as i walk along. One of the first thing i wanted to do as i was heading to Falkreath was to visit Helgen, as i have the Helgen reborn mod. Not sure if i have installed it right or anything but helgen was still a mess and there was nothing in it. Reading the book it sounded like i needed to wait 3 in game days after leaving helgen from the dragon attack for it to start, which i don’t think i did, so i’ll have to come back and revisit it.

On the way from Falkreath i went through bonechill Passage which leads to ancient’s accent and killed my seconds dragon. I remember now most of the dragon in the game are the same type of fight which makes them a little too easy, but o well i killed my second dragon.

I got this great picture of Falkreath as i came around the mountain. On the bottom right is the city of Falkreath. Off to the left you can see Falkreath watchtower, and to the right of that the South Shrickwind Bastion. The big mountain in the back is the Throat of the World. Its a pretty good picture (just kind of wish the trees looked better)


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