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EQ2 GU 100: The Siege of Zek, what happened to GU 99??

So yesterday in Everquest 2 Game Update 100 went live. You can read the update notes here. But i don’t remember there being a GU 99, or 90, or even an 80. I am hoping the renumbering of the GU mean they plan to release something out every 2-3 month. But there is a small fear in me that this might also be the last big update to Everquest 2. Everquest 2 is down to just 7 servers compared to 20 for the original everquest.  7 server left for a MMO i don’t know how healthy that is. Maybe it is still very profitable now that is it free to play.

So what new in the Update

  • Zek, The Scourge Wastes for both Heroic and solo — I am not level 100 so i haven’t experienced it.
  • New Signature Quest — there is a new signature quest for level 100
  • heartbound– You can now marry someone in game
  • Resolve — So Daybreak has added a new state called resolve. If your resolve is 150 and a mob is 200 your will deal 50% less damage to the mob, and the mob will do 50% more damage to you. If you flip the scenario you will do normal damage to the mob. This seem like a way for Daybreak to make mobs harder with out having to do to much work, just give a mob a little extra resolve.
  • Heroic and Solo Dungeon Scourge Keep (Are there other solo dungeon in Everquest 2?)
  • Experience Vials. I will probably use these if i had a character at 100.
  • Fabled Dungeons: Cazic Thule, Sanctum of fear, Ruins of Varsoon and Chamber of Immortality.

Over all it looks like a pretty good update. If they put one of these out every 2 month i think it would really help the game.

The Great Divide and the City of Thurgadin

I have to say Daybreak, the City of Thurgadin and the start of the zone looks amazing. The rest of the zone has what i feel is a classic issue with Everquest 2. Very little detail (pretty much just a texture on the ground), but that how eq2 has always been.

So i should of been paying attention to eq2i wiki but you can’t start these quests until you reach level 87. Which i had not reached, so i did what i always used to do when i was just 20-30% away from a level. Bought a bunch of shines to finish off collections on the broker.


As i was wondering i came to a companion cube. Which was nice to see that the EQ2 devs play other game like Portal.




Visualization Everquest 2 data.

So as some of you may know i’m a Software Developer, and i some time (more often now) make little programs for fun. I was looking at eq2u and i was wondering how do they get the data from SOE. When i came across “The Data Api” post on the eq2 forums by Feldom. The post shows that the Daybreak has an API to call and get data.

Now this is pretty cool. So I started to play around like any Software Engineer would.

Could i get my tank: Yep that me

Could i get my Main Assassin :< Nope. There are multiple people who match Ratbear and the Api return only the first one. In this case it the Ratbear who is on Permafrost.

Ok so if i increase the limit t0 10. It hard to see in the web url but there are 2 character there, and i’m the second one.

I have a json formater install on chrome so i can see

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.23.28 PM

  • PVP include all your pvp stats. I’ve killed 0 people
  • alternateadvancements — contains information on your Alternative advancement information
  • equipmentslot_list — List the slots you have on your armor. The arromor your wearing
  • spell_list — The list of spell you have access to i believe.
  • secondarytradeskills — Has information on your tinkering and Adorning
  • statistics — I’ve killed 44,499 thing in Everquest 2 and i’ve died 2,208 times. My highest hit was for 346,911, I’ve crated 1293 items. I’ve harvested 103 rares.
  • stats — all the stats you see in the character window.
  • Ts and Last_update — i believe with these number if you were to download all the character you would end up with the ability to tell how many people are currently playing eq2. Daybreak probably don’t want you to do that
  • collections — just tell you how many you’ve turned in and how many are active.
  • Resists — your current resists
  • Type — your race, level, deity, class
  • Tradeskills — your level
  • Achievements: — Full list of all your achievements.
  • appearanceslot_list — Same as equipmentslot_list just what visable
  • orderedalternateadvancement_list — i think this is the same as alternateadvancements just in an order list
  • locationdata — where you currently are in the world.
  • guild — guild information
  • house_list — all the houses your own
  • skills — your skills and there level
  • faction_list — your faction with eeryone
  • language_list — languages you know
  • quests — How many quests you’ve completed.

Part of me want to make something with this data… But i’m not sure.

The Battle of Storm Gorge

So this was pretty cool. While i was exploring the Great Divide i came across the public quests that they added to the game. The first public quest i found was The Battle of Storm Gorge, which had just started. How the public quest scales depending on how many people are doing it.

  • Solo
  • Small Group
  • Full Group
  • Small Raid
  • Full Raid

Since i was the only one there i thought i was doing the solo version, but since i had my mercenary out it might have been the small group version. Overall i did 2 waves and killed a boss at the end. When the boss died Green shiny’s appeared. Or at least they seemed green.

Overall i like the public quest, kind of suck that they take 2 hours to spawn, but i guess back in the day when a lot of people were in the zone you would probably have a small raid ready every time it spawned.


Visualize your Google location history.

Some of you may know that i’m a software engineer. Recently i was playing around with visualizing google location history.
If you have an android phone (Unless you turned off Google should be storing your location). Or if you have an iphone where you have downloaded the google app and enable Google now. To get this information you need to go to This site let you download pretty much all the information Google has on your. For visualizing your google location history you only need to download you Location History.

Once you have that you have a file that has your latitude and longitude of were you have been since google started to record. I ended up having over 50,000 point recorded. What i ended up doing was i plotted the last 10,000 that were recorded in the San Francisco Bay area where i live. And i got the following.

What you can see is i spent a lot of my time in the South bay (cause i live and work there). You can also kind of tell that the main road/freeway i take is 101. Looking at san Francisco, for those who live in the area you can almost see that path Bart takes and Caltrain takes. As those are the 2 way i make it up to the city. Finally up at the north you can see i like to go wine tasting.



How to run it on your own data. 

So i have mostly everything you need to run it here in my github . The script is written in python. You will need to install Matplotlib and basemap (instruction again are on in the github).

Once you have thouse installed you need to make a file called. which has a single variable that contain the path to your google location data json file. The map will generate on the San francisco area, but you can change that.
In the code if If you remove llcrnrlat=35, urcrnrlat=41,llcrnrlon=124, urcrnrlon=121, and set lat_0 and log_0 to 0 you will get a world map

If you want to zoom in you’ll need to see the for variable above where you specify the lower and upper latitude and longitude limits.


map = Basemap(projection=gall,
area_thresh = 1000000.0,
lat_0=37.5, lon_0=119,
llcrnrlat=35, urcrnrlat=41,
llcrnrlon=124, urcrnrlon=121)


The Everquest 2 Alt Army

It only took about a month but i’m fully addicted to Everquest 2 again, and have created an Alt Army. Right now i’m only leveling 3 at a time. Im working on getting Ratbear to 100, and working on the Alts Dirgebear, and Maidbear (but only until they run out of Vitality)

Tankbear level 58 Berserker


Healbear level 6 Inquisitor


Ogrebears level 76 Guardian


Dirgebear level 23 Dirge


Ratbear level 88 Assassin


Maidbear level 18 Defiler


Magebear level 1 Warlock


Controlbear level 1 Coercer


The Stonebrunt Highlands

I just completed Stonebrunt Highlands and pretty much all the solo content that there is in the Sentinel’s Fate expansion. Overall I enjoyed the solo this expansion, one of the things i think was lacking was a big ending. The quest just kind of ended and that was it. I would of like a big boss fight or something. Zone wise i did love the art, like the part below that made me interesting in Stonebrunt Highlands.

A little bit of history. Before this expansion went out there where some GU related to it. The first GU53, Shards of Destiny. In that GU, a Teleportation Spires Event started to Reactivate the Ulteran Teleportation spires in Norrath.


Now something that also disappoints me is i haven’t upgrade much of my armor. Most of my level 80 Fable gear still has better stats than most of the level 80-90 stuff i’ve picked up. Of corse i’m expecting that to change when i get to level 90 (seeing as i see lot of year with 500+ of a single stat and right now i only have like 50 or 60+ in a single stat.

Any way i’ll keep this short i’m off to the Great Divide in the Destiny of Velious Expansion.

I guess i need to get in to WOW again for Legion

I never really got into Wow back in the day (The last time I played Wow was right after Cataclysm came out in 2010). With Legion coming out at the end of the summer August 30. Right now i’m playing 3 MMO’s

  • Everquest 2
  • Black Desert
  • Star Wars the Old Republic

Trying to play 3 at the same time already is super hard, and i’m not going to pick up 4 MMO’s at the same time. So sometime this summer i’ll need to quit one of the ones i’m playing. Most likely Black Desert, but i won’t need to make a choice for a while as i have 4 months.

I also have been thinking about giving Eve a chance (but again only 3 mmo’s at a time).

A new Hero is Born Dirgebear

So a lot has happened in Everquest 2 in a short amount of time. A few days ago i was leveling an alt. Then i decided to start leveling my level 80 assassin again (which has been fun). But as i was playing my assassin i remember how much i enjoyed raiding. So i started to keep track of what classes raid guilds needed and it appears quite a few of them need dirges. SO i’ve decided to level a dirge.


So this is my dirge. Dirgebear (i know so original). My dirge is going to be playing on the dark side and so i’ve started playing Darklight Wood. I also plan to craft with this character, my crafting class is going to be a Jeweler. I am harvesting as a level while these slow things down it is allowing me to pick up a lot of extra shinies. Which i will be able to sell for some plat. The hope is i’ll have quite a bit of plat by the time i make it to 100.


Continuing on my berserker journey in Black Desert


So i just past level 15 and past the quest i was on when i was a Valkyrie. I found it 100 time more easy to complete the quest as a Beserker than a Valkyrie. I’m still very confused on a lot of the game, but for now i’m going to just follow the quests.

I found a pretty good rhythm with the Beserker.

  • Left mouse button attack
  • Right Mouse button attack
  • Shift + right mouse button attack
  • F attack
  • And some times E attack.

The Shift + right mouse button attack knocks all the enemies back and down for about 3 seconds. This works very very well when you are being attacked by multiple mobs. You stop all damage being taken by the mobs that have been knocked down for those 3 or so seconds. The Left and Right mouse button attacks so far seem to do the most damage so i some times spam them a couple time before doing the knock down again.


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