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Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — Part 4: My Traitorous Wife

My Wife has decided to start a faction to kill me… While continuing to have sex with me and have my babies…. Only in Crusader Kings 2.

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — part 3. The war for Pictland

In this episode my only Duke (who own 4 of the 6 counties in the country of Pictland), has declared war on me. Will i be able to survive the battle as King of Pictland?

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 part 2– Settling in

Part 2 of my lets play

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — Part 1 starting out

So I’ve decided to do a lets play with Crusader Kits 2.

I decided to start with the earliest start 769, what this mean is a lot of the tech and building that are in the normal starts are not build and we will have to build them. For this let play i’m starting out as the King of Pictland which is the predecessor to Scotland.

Since this is my first Let play, i will probably suck, so any feed back would be good.

First Attempted at a Let’s Play

So i don’t say anything on this video i’m just trying out the quality of the video to see if it looks well or not. Right now this seem to work with out to many CPU Spikes.


March 2015 Hunter face Deck

For March i decided to look at the class I’ve played the least, and go with that for this months deck. So that ended up being the hunter.

Since i’ve just played enough of the hunter to have the basic cards, i went looking online for decks. And so i found Xixo’s face hunter deck that got him to legend (at least according to tempostorm).

For the most part i keep the deck the same, but i’ve made a few changes

  • Hunter’s Mark
  • 2 Abusive Sergeants
  • Clockwork Gnome
  • 2 Leper Gnome
  • Tracking
  • 2 Explosive Trap
  • Galivezooka
  • 2 Haunted Creeper
  • Ironbreak owl
  • 2 Knife Juggler
  • Mad Scientist — i remove one of these to add something else (from what he had
  • 2 Animal Companion
  • 2 Kill command
  • 2 Unleash the hounds
  • 2 Arcane Golem
  • Deathlord –I replaced one of my mad Scientist with this. What i found was if i was playing another rush deck if they got the drop on me early on i would have a hard time recovering. This 2/8 taunt mod cost only 3 and early on can pause a rush deck for about 2 turns (giving you enough time to take out at least 8 health from the hero)
  • 2 Wolfrider
  • Jeeves — I didn’t have Leeroy Jenkins but the other thing i notice about the deck since the cards are cheep you can run out of cards very fast. and if you do it pretty much gave over. Jeeves helps in that case if you have something with a taunt out allready you have at least 2 turns of getting extra cards which can help in the mid game if you haven’t won already.

Other than my 2 changes. Deathlord and Jeeves the deck is pretty much the same way as Xixo has it. If i had a Leeroy Jenkins i would probably replace one of the card with him.

Feb 2015 Mage Desk recap

So last month i tired my Mage Secrete/mech deck. While the lowest i was able to get down to was level 13, i never was able to get past that point.

While the deck did pretty well against most desk it had a really hard time against Rush type deck, and deck that were ment to draw out the game.

Feb 2015 Mage Hearthstone Deck.

My deck this month, is similar to last month, this month i’ll go a little bit more in to detail about the deck

  • 2x Mana Wyrm — Since this deck is spell heavy and these have +1 attack after ever spell and they are cheap i’ve added them
  • 2x Undertaker — Since my desk is also deathrattle heavy, these make a another cheap card that will increase it attack over time
  • 2x Frostbolt — As a mage you don’t leave home with out it
  • Unstable Portal — This card is random, it can give you any minion and cut the cost by 3. If i get this early in the game i use it if i can
  • 2x Loot Hoarder — Deathrattle for the undertaker also get me a free card
  • 2x mad scientist — Deathrattle for the Undertaker, also get me a free secrete on death
  • counterspell — secrete
  • 2x Duplicate — secrete
  • ice block — secrete very useful with Ethereal Arcanist.
  • mirror Entity — secrete
  • 2x Kirin Tor Mage — Allow me to play a secrete for free
  • Fireball — Normally i would have 2 of these, but Archmage Antonidas, give an unlimited amount so i cut one
  • 2x Ethereal Arcanist — Get +2/+2 each turn if there is a secrete in play. With 1/6 of my card being secrete’s and Ice block staying on until the end of the game, these cards can get high stats very fast
  • 2x Mechanical Yeti — Deathrattle for Undertaker 1 mana spell for Archmage, also pretty good stats
  • Feugen — Feugen and Stalagg cost 5 and have ok stat, but when both die you get a 11/11 minon
  • Stalagg  — Feugen and Stalagg cost 5 and have ok stat, but when both die you get a 11/11 minon
  • 2x Sludge Belcher — Deathrattle for undertaker, but also you get 2 taunt mobs for the price of one
  • Flamestrike — Save you ass every time
  • archmage Antonidas — Every spell give you a fireball. If they can’t kill it in one turn, it game over
  • Kel’Thuzad — Respawn all mobs every turn. if they can’t kill it, its game over.

100 Games latter i had some issue starting out. Keep bouncing around level 20-19 early in the month, but as i got the hang of the deck i started to do well, i even had an 8 game winning streak. But i’ve seen to have plateaued around level 13-14. Druid’s seem to be my worse enemy.

image (1)

Is Everquest Next in jeopardy after massive layoff at SOE / Daybreak Games

So a lot has happened since i’ve looked at Everquest Next. Sony sold SOE to Columbus Nova (Which owns Rhapsody, and Fiverr). SoE changed their name to Daybreak Games. And then last week SoE had a Major layoff. So far the following people from the Everquest team has been confirmed as being layed off

  • Dave Georgeson — He was the head of Everquest, Everquest 2 and Everquest Next. He was also was the public face of most of the Everquest Next and Landmarks news
  • Moorgard (Steve Danuser) — He was the main Lore guy
  • Linda Carlson — The lead Community Relation Lead
  • Aaron “Gnobrin” Bisnett — who had been at SOE for 12 years doing art.
  • Akil “Lyndro” Hopper
  • Aimee “Ashlanne” Rekoske — She has been one of the lead community manager for a while

And the list goes on and on (You can see a full list here).

So for my thought on this are split in to 2 parts.


SoE has been in trouble for a while. If you just look at the games they have released in the last 5 years

  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure — This was Similar to Free Realms it was geared to kids as a Free to play game. It closed on March 31 2014 with Free Realms
  • Fortune League — This was a facebook game they developed, it last 5 month
  • Dc Universe Online — The gem of the pack. This game so far is doing pretty well (it also from what i’ve seen is one of the team that didn’t have to many people layed off).
  • Magic: The Gathering — Tactics — Was an online version of the card game, It also Closed in March 2014
  • Bullet Run — A free to play Shooter that ended up being more Pay to win. The game didn’t even last a year before SOE closed it
  • Planet Side 2 — This is the latest game to come out in 2012, it is the second gem of the bunch.

Everquest Next, Landmark, and H1Z1 are not listed here, because there not out yet. Pretty much SoE hasn’t launch a game in a little over 2 years. As i said before SoE has been in trouble for a while, even longer than 5 years. There were rumors that SoE had even been losing money, which is why there was a layoff. Columbus Nova probably looked over the numbers, and said to be profitable we need to cut X number of dollar. And they did what a lot of business would do, take out the leads as they are more expensive than lower on the food chain. IE someone who been there a long time and is a lead is going to cost a lot more than someone fresh out of college. And so it become a think about warm bodies.

I’m not sure Columbus Nova thought what they were about to do was going to have the impact that it did (a lot of people online pretty much thing EQ Next is dead).


Is Everquest Next dead? No. Since H1Z1 is almost out and the only other game SoE has mentioned is Everquest Next, they are probably going to focus on that. But the team is going back to the drawing board on what will be in this release. The game is probably going to be not as massive as they had hoped and some feature that they promised but are not working will probably be cut. My guess is that Columbus Nova will even push SoE to get the game out next year.


I think i got butt raped in hearthstone today








I don’t think i have ever lost this badly before in hearthstone. I did not realize the guy had played both the legendary monster that spawn that 11/11 mob. He also added deathwrattle on the mob a few time and i ended up with 5 of the 11/11 creatures. He could of spawn the dude a 6th time to….


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