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  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

The Adventure of Ogrebearss: Join the Blackrock troops

John send me to Chiselgrip on the way take out as many Blackrock troops as i can.

Chiselgrip is a small camp in the middle of Burning Steppes, John and i met up with Stebben Oreknuckle. Stebben is part of the Thorium Brotherhood and would like us to take out some of the other Dark […]

Let’s Play Crusader Kings 2 — Part 4: My Traitorous Wife

My Wife has decided to start a faction to kill me… While continuing to have sex with me and have my babies…. Only in Crusader Kings 2.

First Attempted at a Let’s Play

So i don’t say anything on this video i’m just trying out the quality of the video to see if it looks well or not. Right now this seem to work with out to many CPU Spikes.


Feb 2015 Mage Desk recap

So last month i tired my Mage Secrete/mech deck. While the lowest i was able to get down to was level 13, i never was able to get past that point.

While the deck did pretty well against most desk it had a really hard time against Rush type deck, and deck that were ment […]

Q1 2014, Games i’m looking forward to

Feb 25 2014 — Thief (PS4/XBOX one)–

So this game so far seem pretty interesting. From what i’ve seen from it, it seem similar to dishonor and Assassins Creed. If it gets good rating and i’ve bought a next gen console by them i will probably get the game.

Q1 2014 — The […]

Its been awhile

So its been awhile since blog post.  The really aren’t any video game that interest me at the moment. I’ve been playing a lot of old video game so I haven’t been blogging about. If anyone knows of a good MMO or RPG let me know and I’ll give it a try.

I just recently […]

New header image

So after a long wait i have uploaded about 18 new header images above from various games i’ve played over the last few year. Sadly i lost the original one i did, so i don’t have any from the eq1, eq2 days, but still better than nothing.

So check them out.

Diablo 3

I have completely avoided reading any new of Diablo 3, but seeing as it is coming out on Tuesday i went ahead and pre-order it and started to look at info about the game.

It has been so so so so so long since i’ve played Diablo 2 i don’t really remember anything about the game, other than […]

SWTOR detailed crafting guide.

Someone has posted a detailed crafting guide on the main forms. With this very good information

Some high lights.

Armor items can be reversed engineering twice. (Green -> blue -> Purple). I am not sure if (Blue -> purple -> Purple) work though. Each green item can be broken in to 3 blue items Each blue item can […]

Getting my Ass kicked

There needs to be more than 24 hours in a day.

So at work we are getting deep in to the development cycle of the next major release, and my senior engineer has also left. So now i am in charge of all Review Tool, Static analysis tools, and File Ownership for a 2000+ engineering […]

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