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The End of Mulit-Server MMO’s is coming to an End.

Sever population has always been a touchy issues. Certain servers become end up becoming overpopulated and can feel like your walking down the streets of New York, while other are virtual ghost town.

In the past there where good reason for having multiple servers. You wouldn’t want 100,000 newbie humans, fighting each other in Qeynos […]

I’ve quit Aion

Grid = bad

Aion is was fun for the first few level, but by level 9 you start to feel the grid. Its not to bad at first, but with each new level they’d add 20-30% more XP you’d need to get to level, while the mobs give you a 5-10% per level. Eventuality you […]

3 weeks later…. i’m not level 20 yet

Leveling in Aion is truly getting annoying. The last few days I’ve have avoided logging in to Aion because the grid is just to gridy for me now at level 19…. Level 19, this is sad, but it seem to get worse and worse every level. At level 16 a mob would give about 2K […]

Aion: Grouping in Black Claw Outpost

So i up until this point i had been soloing in Aion because i wasn’t sure how good of a healer i would be. I have never played a healer class before in any MMO, and i wanted to play a healer because they tend to get groups the easiest. I also chose to be […]

Aion: lvl 17 Calderon Hill

Getting to Calderon Hill is a bitch. Calderon Hill has a ton of great quest for those who are level 16 and 17. But getting there you have to cross Mahindel Swamp, which is essentially designed for small groups. Most mobs in the swamp are 4 red cricles and most are group with other or […]

Aion: Lvl 16 Gribade Canyon to Trader’s Berth

At level 16 thing appear to branch out from the pretty linear game. You have the hard quest at Basfelt Village that you can most likely finish now with your new spells. You can take Gribade Canyon up to Trader’s Breth (there are a few quest on the way). Or you can return to Altgrad […]

Aion Hell levels and Gridning…

Well as luck will have it getting to level 16 is another Hell level (i guess we can call them that). That requires some girding. Unlike last time where there was a quest shortage, the problem here is a lot of the quest are difficulty to do solo. If your playing with someone then this […]

Aion: lvl 12-15 Basfelt Village

Basfelt Village has this out in the woods simple kind of life feel to it. I love it

The first group of quest in from this area open up at level 12, some of them are impossible to do other are easy. But before you hit level 13 you’ll start to feel the grind that […]

Aion: Lvl 12 Moslan Forest and Mumu Farm’s

This is the first place you go to after Altgard, and you can’t fly… Which is kind of sad you learn how to fly in Altgard and you expect that flying will be a big part of the game, but nope, only around Altgard can you fly and then you hit the invisible wall.

Mumu’s […]

Aion: lvl 10-11 Altgard Fortress

After leaving the city of Pandemonium your next spot to head in Aion is Altgard Fortress. This is the first play your allowed to actually fly in, since your Ascension.

The commands for flying feel a little out of place. Page Up allows you to start flying. R let you go up, and F lets […]

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