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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July everyone. As i’ve mentioned before i am off to Europe for a 3 week long vacation. But i have prepared 3 weeks worth of Star Wars The Old Republic post… (with a few other thing mixed in).

For those of you who want to stalk me i’ll be updating my location on my twitter feed […]

Ogrebear’s World… Europe… British Isle Tour

It is that time of year again, when i leave the confines of Silicon Valley, and venture out in to the rest of the world. Last year i did London, Paris, and all of Italy (Which i never finished putting up all the pictures). This year i am going to explore the British Isle’s (England, Scotland, and Ireland). […]

Back Form Vegas

all pictures from vegas

I know I disappeared again for about week and ½. Stuff got busy at work and then I went on a vacation to Vegas. I stayed at the Aria which was an amazing resort. Check out the view from my Room.

View from my hotel

View of the strip


Simply Italy — Day 14 Sorrento Part 2

To see all pictures form Day 14 click here.

After leaving Pompeii we headed off to Sorrento. I honestly did not know much about Sorrento so i was not sure watch to expect. After going through some mountains and around some tight corner we got our first good look of Sorrento

Holy shit was it […]

Simply Italy — Day 14 Pompeii part 1

To see all pictures form Day 14 click here.

First full day with out new contiki group. We headed south form Rome past Naples on our way to Pompeii. Looking out the windows of our bus as we went through Naples, it kind of felt like a 3rd world country. Mariangela (our tour guide) explained […]

Simply Italy — Day 13 Castel Sant’Angelo

To see all pictures from day 13 click here.

July 14th, our last day on our own in Rome and the first day of our second contiki trip (Simply Italy). I’ve stated this a few time, but the first one (London, Paris and Rome) was ok. Simply Italy was amazing though.

The day before we […]

The Vatican — Day 12 part 2

I have broken this post up in 2 as it was getting to large in pictures.

To view pictures form day 12 click here

From the Sistine Chapel we move on to St. Peter’s Basilica which is huge. From inside it is hard to tell just how large it is. Now I’m not sure if […]

The Vatican — Day 12 part 1

To view all pictures from day 12 click here.

Well I was really luckily that I decided to get book a tour of the Vatican, even though our first tour included one. If you are going to the Vatican, get tickets before hand. The line to get in to the museum had snaked about 2 […]

Between Trips– Day 11 Rome

To view all pictures from day 11

Day 10 of my vacation. So July 10 (day 9) was the last day of London & Paris plus Rome. For the first time out of the country I think this trip was pretty good. But you need to plan ahead or it would suck.

Before going on […]

London & Paris plus Rome — Day 10 Walking around Rome

To view all pictures from day 10 click here

So day 10 (July 11). The first trip had pretty much ended, we saw a few of trip mates at the hotel but for today it was pretty much on our own. Our plan was to go see the Roman forms, and the Coliseum. So we […]

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