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Everquest Next Canceled.

So Everquest Next was one of the MMO I’ve been waiting to play as I’ve been a huge Everquest Nerd. But after SOE got bought and became daybreak my hopes of the game coming out feel, and as of yesterday is was canceled.

So what does this mean for Daybreak? Looking at the games they […]

Is Everquest Next in jeopardy after massive layoff at SOE / Daybreak Games

So a lot has happened since i’ve looked at Everquest Next. Sony sold SOE to Columbus Nova (Which owns Rhapsody, and Fiverr). SoE changed their name to Daybreak Games. And then last week SoE had a Major layoff. So far the following people from the Everquest team has been confirmed as being layed off

Dave […]

Nov 13’s Everquest Next Landmark Livestream

You can watch yesterday Live Stream here.

I’m going to watch the video and and jot down some notes below (with the time) and then include wrap up at the end of the video on what i think overall.

3:00 — The video starts, unless you want to view feet moving

4:00 the world feel […]

Thoughts on Everquest Next Landmark: Founder’s Pack

So i just got back from vacation so i’m just now reading about the Founder’s Park for Everquest Next Landmark. SoE has release 3 different packs for EverQuest Next Landmark

Settler Pack — $19.99 Unlimited Closed Beta Settler Flag Item Founder’s Pickaxe Title: Founder Forum Title: Founder Explore Pack — $59.99 Everything above Alpha Access […]

All Everquest Next Videos from SOE live

While i have a lot to say about Everquest Next i’m going to wait until after all SOE live is done (so i can get all the information.

Here is a list of all the video that have come out so far.

Everquest Next Reveal Keynote Part 1 Everquest Next Reveal Keynote Part 2 Everquest […]

Everquest Next: My wishes for Dynamic Content.

Dynamic Content in an MMO i think would be huge, right now there really isn’t any main stream MMO that i know of that does real good Dynamic Content.

Imagine seasons changing. Imagine if you’re a Druid and you need to literally seek out reagents for your spells or worship your deity in a glade […]

Everquest Next, What we know so far. June 2013 has this very good post where they have combined all the knowlege that we know about Everquest Next together. You can view that post here.

I am not going to cover every little thing listed there, but pick up some of the thing i really really like.

“What we’re building is something that we […]

Everquest Next: Rumor and Speculations May 2013

If there is one video game that i’m excited for coming out is Everquest Next. I was a big Everquest 1 player in my early college years. I played on Kane Bayle starting a few month before Plane of Power came out in 2002, until late in 2004 (i think i quit a month or […]

SOE lays off 1/3 of employees and shuts down 3 studios

SOE lays off 1/3 of employees and shuts down 3 studios

I’ll be honest, this doesn’t surprise me. SOE hasn’t had a hit game in a long time, and the general perceptions from the gamming community of SOE is very negative.

Since Everquest 2, which came out in 2004, I do not believe SoE has […]

Everquest Next fan faire summary

It is/was Fan Faire time once again, (going on a month long vacation to Europe makes you forget these thing). And i’m not there since i used up all my vacation time. The only SOE game i’m interested in at this point is Everquest Next, since i was a hardcore EQ and EQ2 player.

Check […]

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