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Fixing Quest Completist for Legion

Update: Since posting this, Quest Completist has been updated for Legion!!! One of the Warcraft mods i use is called Quest Completist. It still hasn’t been updated for Legion (7.XX). With Legion the map changed and now all the quest marker on the map can no longer be seen, which really suck for those of […]

Grizzly Hill is just amazing

It really didn’t hit me until i enter Grizzly Hills on my mage at how much amazing Blizzard is at putting together a world. Here i am in a forest, that just looks amazing, and the music just fit with the overall theme of the zone and get me even deeper in to the game. […]

65 level later… i figure out how to play an Frost Mage in Warcraft

Prior to finding out how to play my ice mage, the way i was playing was the following:

I would use frostbolt, followed by Ice Lance, over and over. I didn’t understand what Finger of Forst was and how it worked with a frost mage until i read a DPS guide on Icy Veins.

So […]

Classic World of Warcraft complete, looking back at the good and bad

So i got my Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor, and all three of my characters have made it to level 60. Overall i had a ton of fun and have put way way way more hours in to WOW than is probably healthy.

I did have some issues. I found when i got […]

The Adventures of Ogrebears: The Burning Steppes

Oilfist sent me to the Burning Steppes to talk to Mouton Flamestar. Mouton informs me that the Blackrock orcs server a dark master who is performing experiments on living creatures. I need to help free the baby dragon whelpings trhat they have tied down. Just as i’m about to head out i see John J. […]

The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Deep in the Gorge

I arrive at Thorium Point and inform Overseer Oilfist of what we found. Based on the information i’ve given he believe one of the “Archduke’s” minions is Rasha’krak, and he currently near the lava pools to the south. I arive back after killing Rasha’krak and he thanks me.

Hansel Heavyhands one of Overseers underlings wants […]

The Adventures of Ogrebears: In to the Searing Gorge

I arrive in the searing Gorge to find the Thorium Brotherhood campped out. Jack Rockleg and Burrian Coalpart of the Thorium Brotherhood are looking for me. Jack been watching the Dark Iron Dwarves act strangly and want me to find out why. Burrian want me to kill some of the Dark Iron Geologist and watchmen.


The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Deathwing attacks

We head off to Dragon’s Mouth were Rheastrasza is hanging out. In Rheastrasza haste she forgot to deal with Nyxondra who has informed the rest of the Black dragons/drakes what going on. There on the look out for the egg. She want us to tal kto Eric “The Swift” on dealing with the black dragons.


The Adventures of Ogrebearss: Helping the Red dragons find good in the black dragons

I bring the samples Rheastrasza to a gnome called Dr. Hieronymus Blam. He looks over the eggs and see a few are pre-engineered. While he studying the eggs he want me to take out as many trogg as i can.

After taking out the Trogg, Dr. Blam want me to head north to talk with the […]

The Adventures of Ogrebearss: In to the Badlands we go.

After the long trip from the Plaugelands I’ve arrived at the Badlands. I meet up with Dolph Blastus who needs me to take out some of the Magic using Ogres at Camp Kosh. After killing the Ogres, Dolph has asked me to bring a package for Rhea down to her at the Lethlor Ravine.


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