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Everquest Next: Rumor and Speculations May 2013

If there is one video game that i’m excited for coming out is Everquest Next. I was a big Everquest 1 player in my early college years. I played on Kane Bayle starting a few month before Plane of Power came out in 2002, until late in 2004 (i think i quit a month or […]

Rift, why can’t i love you?

It was not long ago that I loved MMO’s. For the longest time I’ve wonder what has changed. Why did I go from someone who enjoyed MMO, to someone who seems to not be able to stand them. I’ve spend the last week coming up with this list

Lack of social interaction. I think this […]

Ding level 50 in Rift

This week i got my Cleric up to level 50 in rift. Since i had 140 Plat on my charater i went out and bought a bunch of purple and blue armor to replace my green slots. Not enough to get me in to tier 2, but probably will make me a better healer in […]

Guardian Attack on Meridian

I log in to my cleric on Rift and i hear talk about an Guardian attack about to take place in a few minutes. With in minutes multiple raid parties have formed. Hundreds of Defiant are porting back to the city to protect it.

The leader of the guardian had a very very long speech in front of Meridian before attacking… a 10 minute speech. At first we […]

Ding 46 Cleric in Rift

I realize that Rift has been out almost a 1/2 a year now, but i am slowly but surely inching my way to level 50.

I switching my Solo build from Druid + Inquisitor + Sentinel to Cabalist + Inquisitor + Sentinel which make a lot more sense. I am not sure why i picked Druid (i think i wanted […]

Entering Rift for the first time in over a month, what have i missed?

Entering Rift for the first time in over a month, what have i missed? I was on vacation for most of July, and finally got rift patched. I am pretty sure i patch 1.3 was already out (and i think on hot fix 4) when i went on vacation.

Anything existing added in hot fix 5-16?

How to play a Cleric in Rift!

I have had a few cleric over the last few weeks ask me what souls i’ve used and how i heal in group, so i’ve decided to make a little guide on how to be a group healer in rift.


For group healer you really only have 3 choices for souls; Sentinel (your single target healing […]

Rift 1.3: Of Bugs and Queues.

I got home from work yesterday and patch my game for update 1.3 (750 some MB later i was ready to play). I log in to the game, and get read to startin leveling my  cleric Faeblight to level 43 and…. i’m in a queue.

I wasn’t expecting a queue since there has not been one in the […]

RIFT 1.3 – WAVES OF MADNESS Patch notes

You can view the entire patch notes here. (i’m still debating if i’ll keep playing this game, but i am now leaning to continuing to play until Star Wars comes out).


Guild banks have be delayed, a bug was found. Character Transfers are now available for free. You can change servers every 7 days as long as […]

Why am i playing Rift???

I found my self asking this question of my self. Why am i playing Rift? I have 13 day left on my subscription (should i even renew?)

Now don’t get me wrong, i think rift is a great game, probably one of the best MMO out right now. But deep down i know, the moment […]

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