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Sim City 4.0 Update

So Sim City has release patch 4.0, you can view the patch notes here.

The important parts of the update

New park — sigh would be nice for them to fix the broken parts of the game before adding new stuff. New Region: Edgewater — same as above fix the game first (i’ll try to play a […]

Sim City Patch 3.0 (trying out a new city)

Ok not long after Patch 2.0 has come out, EA has release patch 3.0, which you can read what has changed here. Just quickly looking at this patch it looks like they did (at least in the patch) a lot of stuff with Traffic. So i’m going to be trying my luck at a casino city to […]

Sim City : Poor Land part 1 (Post Patch 2.1)

I know the post right below this is blew EA a new one, and i still feel that way. But at the moment there are no other game to play, and i did spend 79 bucks on this game (if you can call it that). So i’m going to attempted to play again. Instead of creating what […]

Sim City 5, Patch 2.0 utter failur

I had hoped patch 2.0 would make the game playable… You know the games been out almost 2 month, they done tons of patches, and this was the first really big patch, and i was hoping that this would really make the game playable.

Traffic has become horrible. I started a new city, and with […]

My experience with Sim city after patch 2.0

So far 10 minutes of this… I’m going to kill it and try again… Sigh

Update: so in was able to play. It appears any time I switch town, the loading screen never goes away and in have to restart the game. Which is rather sad EA. This game has been out for over […]

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