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Mid-Range Druid April 2016

I have not played Hearthstone in a while, but i’m going to see how far i can get in this season, April 2016. Instead of making my own deck i’m going to use the tier 1 meta deck for the last 8 weeks. Mid-Range Druid. With a few differences in my Legendary cards

2x Innervate […]

Hearthstone: June 2015 Mage Duplicate Control Deck

So i have not played Hearthstone in a while but i feel like try again in June. I really liked playing Mage last time so i’m going with another Mage deck. This deck is based off Sottle Legendary Mage Duplicate Control BrM deck, though i made some modification.

My Deck is very similar to […]

March 2015 Hunter face Deck

For March i decided to look at the class I’ve played the least, and go with that for this months deck. So that ended up being the hunter.

Since i’ve just played enough of the hunter to have the basic cards, i went looking online for decks. And so i found Xixo’s face hunter deck […]

Feb 2015 Mage Hearthstone Deck.

My deck this month, is similar to last month, this month i’ll go a little bit more in to detail about the deck

2x Mana Wyrm — Since this deck is spell heavy and these have +1 attack after ever spell and they are cheap i’ve added them 2x Undertaker — Since my desk is […]

I think i got butt raped in hearthstone today








I don’t think i have ever lost this badly before in hearthstone. I did not realize the guy had played both the legendary monster that spawn that 11/11 mob. He also added deathwrattle on the mob a few time and i ended up with 5 of the 11/11 […]

Legendary mage Secrets Midrange Naxx Deck Jan 2015



So I played about 60 games with this deck in January, about 1/2 way through i decided to start recording what level i was at. Overall the deck does pretty well but  seem to average around 14.4 (14 with 2 stars). What i found with the deck is that it is pretty hit […]

Hearthstone Jan 2015 Mage Secret deck

So i’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone recently and have been starting to build some decks. For my base desk i used Legendary mage Secrets Midrange Naxx Desk on but with some changes because i didn’t have all the cards listed..

For the Mage card’s i pretty much am using what is listed there


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