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DC Universe Online 2016: The Big Payback

I’ve been going back and forth on if i would keep giving DCUO a chance since i’ve been playing EQ2 again. Since i am paying for the All Access pass i might as well keep playing my charter.

I still not sure how to play this game. I am level 5 and i pretty much […]

DC Universe Online 2016: Party Crashers

Party Crashers

So the first Missions i get in North Burnley Nightclub is to go take out the GCPD patrolling the streets.

This was a pretty easy missing just kill about 15 cops and your done.

Smash and Grab

Next […]

Starting out in DC Universe 2016

With Everquest Next death, and that fact that i haven’t been playing any new MMO in a while. I”ve decided to try DC Universe, as it Daybreak only MMO that is doing pretty well and isn’t 10 years old.

To start of the game i’ve chooses to be a villain with the power of Sorcery […]

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