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Good Bye Black Desert, It me not you

So i really did try to get in to Black Desert Online. The first character i made, a Valkyrie was just not fun at all for me. And by the time i got to level 15 i wasn’t having fun. The second character that i made, a Berserker i found as more fun, but again […]

Continuing on my berserker journey in Black Desert

So i just past level 15 and past the quest i was on when i was a Valkyrie. I found it 100 time more easy to complete the quest as a Beserker than a Valkyrie. I’m still very confused on a lot of the game, but for now i’m going to just follow the […]

Good Bye Valkyrie, hello Berserker

So i started Black Desert Online as a Valkyrie. I wanted to play as a tank-like class and thought this was a class that i was going to enjoy playing. But by the time i got to level 15 i didn’t really enjoy the game to much and was kind of confused at what i […]

Black Desert: Made it to Heidel, Understanding quest


So I’m still confused with this MMO. So far I know there are tons of thing that I need to know that I am not aware of at level 14. So the BlackdesertFoundry has a pretty good guide that helping me be less confused.


With the guide I was able to understand how quests […]

Black Desert: Velia, got my first mount.


Day 2 of Black Desert Online and i’m Still overwhelmed with the game. There seem to be a lot in this game that i’m going to need to pick up. Hell the menu has 33 buttons on it for different things.

I’m level 10 and at the city of Velia. And i had a […]

Starting out in Black Desert


So I’ve heard quite a few people talked about Black Desert Online so I’ve decided to try it out. I’m playing as a Valkyrie because I’ve heard it one of the easier classes to play and most of my mains tend to be of the warrior type. The game looks amazing. This is the character that I’ve […]

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