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AT&T == fail

I haven’t had internet since Friday…. Saturday- Sunday every time i called them the first person could hear me, but when they transferred me to someone who could help me, they couldn’t hear me…

Finally after the 6th call i just kind of yelled at the first person who admitted that transferring calls was not […] should just call it quits

I did a search today for some of the new zones that where introduced with GU 52…. Eq2.zam dosn’t have them. They don’t have Emperor’s Athenaeum, they don’t have Kurn’s Tower. They don’t have any of the arrmor that drops in thouse zones…

What was the point of getting spoon feed all the information for […]

Are We Expecting to much from MMO’s? Part 2

O yes… i’m going part to on you guy!!!!

Ok so maybe my WoW example didn’t work out so great. Let just take a tipple MMO.

Let say you have 150,000 Us/EU subs at 15 bucks a month = 27 million a year

You put out 1 expansion and only your 150K sub buy it […]

Bugs… there harder to find than you think.

Back in college (just last year), i would be pissed if a bug would hit me in an MMO. Mainly because my 8 class 3000 line Java program had no (visible) bugs, so i mean shouldn’t Everquest2 and WoW be bug free.

Fastfoward a year, I’ve been working on Static Analysis, Code quality tools in […] has launched… (Rant incoming)

To start off i have nothing against SoE, or Zam, what i do not like is the exclusive contract they have created, that kills of community driven sites, like Eq2llinks, eq2.wikia, lootdb. That kills off users making creative tools with this data, these tools create interest in your game, your kill off a free advertisement. […]

Grouping as we know it is Dead, get over it!!!

Grouping is Dead!!! If you want to make an MMO that appeals to Millions of people, and not just a few Thousands, you have to lose grouping. Not because group not fun, on the contrary, it is probably the funnest part of MMO’s. The problem is getting a group.

The average player does not want […]

Rested experiance rate in WoW Suck

Blizzard needs to increase the rate of Rested Experience. At the moment i play Wow once a week. During the other 6 days i’m logged off. In eq2 6 days would get you almost 100% Rested experience. In wow it seem to be like 1/3 of a level, maybe even 1/2. And i end up […]

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 for the Wii Suck balls!

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 for the Wii Suck balls.

I really like Wresting games on consoles. I don’t know why but i enjoy them. So when Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 came out for the Wii, i bought it. I played through one of the story lines and beat it pretty easily. It was retarded, […]

My Vendetta Against SoE/Zam’s Partnership

While i have not talked about it in the last few months. I am still pretty disgusted with SoE/Zam’s partnership. I still see this as a slap in the face from SoE to all their Everquest 2 Community sites.

Site like eq2i(eq2.wikia), eq2ll (,, and many other Everquest 2 databases. Have worked really hard […]

Rant on why ALL MMO’s Suck.

I haven’t logged in to Everquest 2 or any MMO for over a month. Every time i get bored i’ve been asking my self what i want to do. And playing an MMO is not something that has come to mind. Playing GTA4, or watching a tv/movie or play with my WII is just more […]

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