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Thoughts on Nintendo WiiU


Nintendo did not release the tech specs of the hardware of the new system.

Reddit has a nice Fact sheet of the known specs, so I’m not going to go in to too much details, other than the fact the system is able to handle 1080P.

What I would really like to know […]

Games I’m looking forward to in Q4 of 2010

Games I’m looking forward to in Q4 of 2010

Fable III Oct 26 – I’ve never played Fable 1 or 2. I know I know for someone who loves RPG’s what planet have I been on. Well I plan to get Fable III when it comes out for the Xbox 360 this time around, hopefully […]

Pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption

Its been a few month since i’ve bought an xbox game, the last one i bought FFX13 started off good but i ended up not liking it and not being able to get past chapter 8.

But Red Dead Redemption is coming out on May 18 (Amazon says i’ll get it on the 24). I’ve […]

Games I’m looking forward to in Q2 of 2010

Unlike last quarter there are some wii games that i am looking forward at getting. PC wise there does not seem to be anything that really catches my interest. MMO wise i don’t know of any MMO that is coming out this quarter that i would like. Any really good games coming out this quarter […]

Bioshock 2 release is today

Bioshock 2 comes out today! W00t! And while it was on my list of game i wanted to buy in the Q1 of 2010 i haven’t pre-ordered it. Not that i think it will be a bad game, mainly because i am behind in the game i wanted to play. There just doesn’t seem to […]

Games I’m looking forward to in Q1 of 2010

Jan 12 — Star Trek Open Beta — PC

Whether we like it or not PC gaming is dyeing (except for MMO’s). Star Trek Online is the only PC game I’m looking forward this quarter. (Yes, that right I’m not buying EQ2 Sentinel’s Fate, i am pretty sure i will not be returning to Eq2). […]

Mario Kart Wii!!!

I have been exclusively playing Wii games for the last few weeks. The last week or so i’ve pretty much have devoted to Mario Kart Wii. Until this week i did not know that there was a multiplayer mode on Mario Kart Wii. The multiplayer mode is pretty fun, you can race up to 11 […]

No More Heroes — Rank 10

I made the choice that on Tuesday and Thrusday i would not play computer games, but Wii Games, because i have been neglecting my Wii. I also have about 6 games that i bought probably 1/2 a year ago and have never touched.

So out of all the games i picked No More Heroes because […]

E3 Day 2 (No More Heroes 2!!!) And other E3 news

So yesterday night or this morning No More Heroes 2 was announce. If you have never played No More Heroes for the Wii it is a pretty epic game. You play as Travis Touchdown and you have a light saber type weapon, and you kill people. You use your remote as the light saber and […]

W00t i got my Wii online. Here my Friend Code

I got my wireless router today and i finaly have my WII online. If you want to add me as a friend my Wii number is 8523 3788 5284 2214 Add if you want, or send me your Wii number (and if you want it private e-mail it to me at

Also while we […]

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