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Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 9: 839 to 848: World wars


So it been a few days since i played the game. I get back in to it, and i’m in 6 wars. None that i called my self. Why am i in so many wars? My Sister is married to the heir of the Kingdom of France. Who has started 5 different wars

A war […]

Mid-Range Druid April 2016

I have not played Hearthstone in a while, but i’m going to see how far i can get in this season, April 2016. Instead of making my own deck i’m going to use the tier 1 meta deck for the last 8 weeks. Mid-Range Druid. With a few differences in my Legendary cards

2x Innervate […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 8: 829 to 838

Civil War


4… 4 of my counties have turned on me. :<  I spent the majority of the 9 year fighting it out. They waited until my army was weak and turned on me. It was a bitter batter but i eventually won.

I took the county of Kent and sussex back and gave […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 7: 819 to 828

We’ve taken quite a bit of land since we started. But expanding will be a little hard for a while. Middlesex and Essex currently have a treaty with us. So we are going to have to start attacking Kingdom of Mercia. They are about our size but i need to take them out now as […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 6: Year 809 to 818

The plan is still the same as before. Once we get the money we will go for the county of Kent. After that we’ve had a change of plans. Since the Duke of Essex now own Kent we will have a treaty with him and won’t be able to move against middlesex and Essex for a […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 5: Year 799 to 808

So that was a rough few years. But currently most of my vassals are are positive with me, and i have a son (though he ill). Since things are pretty stable i’m formulating my longer term 10-30 year plan assuming this king dosn’t die early.

First Take over the County of Surrey. Once this is […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 4: Year 789 to 798

So my king is currently 11, so i have 5 years to wait before i can take over.

War for Cornwall

My Council did not want this war, but i did it any way, i’m not a tyrant, but i own Cornwall.

July 16 793: I’ve come of age. My stats are ok, my wife’s […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 3: Year 779 to 788

War for Sussex.

It took long enough for my count to get a claim on Sussex but we did. This should be an easy war to win since i have 5 counties and he just has his one. This was a quick war, the Petty king of the county got capture and gave up. Now […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 2: Year 769 to 778

For these update i’ve decided to do them in 10 year increments.

First thing to do is pick our Focus. Since we have three different thing cause our health to be down 3 full points. I am pick Hunting which will cause our health to go up by a full point. This should keep me […]

Crusader Kings 2 2016: Part 1: Meet Sir Fuzzybottom

So i’ve been playing a lot of Crusader King 2 for a long time and decided to play a game from 769 to the end (and then import it in to Europa Universalis IV. For Crusader King 2 i have the following DLC (pretty much everything that has been released since this point):

Sword of […]

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