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Coming back home again.

I was wrong! I’m man enough to admit that.

It has been 7 full months since i’ve quit Everquest 2. During that time i tryed EVE and didn’t really like it. I played Warhammer and didn’t really enjoy it either.

I then tried WoW, and i found WoW solo games to be amazing, i love […]

Warhammer Online — Call to Arms

I got this e-mail today from Mythic Entertainment that i thought was fun.

You are ordered by Karl Franz himself to return to the front lines! As a loyal soldier in the armies of Order, your strength is needed once again! There is no time for rest at rank 16. Join in Public quests scaled […]

Quiting Warhammer returning on Everquest 2

Yesterday something amazing happened.

I logged in to Everquest 2 and started to do some tradeskill writes, and was talking with my guild, and i relized i was having more fun doing thouse tradeskill writes than i had been having in Warhammer.

And i relized at that moment, i have more fun in Everquest 2 […]

Switching Classes

So I have gotten this far with my which hunter and…


Well it isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Here the problem. I rarely if ever am in the top ½ of the dps column. The larger majority of a witch hunters DPS is DOT based […]

Mythic FIX Warhammer the mail server

For the love of what ever God or lack of God you believe in… FIX THE MAIL SEVER!!!!

It takes 10-20 second to open a mail. About 10-20 second to get an item out of the mail. And 10-20 second to delete the mail.

I have at least 40 auction mails in my mailbox right […]

Chapter 6: Sins of the Past

The first thing i thought when i got to chapter 6 was that there had to be a Flight master back to Altdorf. Mainly because this was a big castle looking area, were the last few camps had been a few small wooden buildings. Sadly there was no flight master here, i had to ask […]

Chapter 5: Aid from Afar

Welcome to Troll County!!!!! It rocks.

So right at the camp near the top of this zone is the public quest Welcome to Troll Country. It litterly in the chapter 6 camp. Which mean people will work together to kill the group mobs and the Hero mob at the end.

The public quest is pretty […]

Empire Chapter 4: The Pit of the Forsaken

This is the first and only Empire Chapter in the zone Norsca. With the amount of space on the Empire side of the zone they honestly could of probably added another chapter here if they wanted.

Unlike the first three chapter this zone has more of a dead feel to it. Most likely because this […]

The City of Altdorf

Wow…. Normally city’s suck in MMO’s. They tend to have a ton of art work, and lag, and there only purpose is a place to buy and sell thing (and housing in some games).

Warhammers city of Altdorf is pretty ammazing. And unlike most city that kinda of feel devoid of life. This city has […]

Annoying things about Warhammer

Alt-Tabbing — So i can easily alt tab out of the game and do something else, and go back to the game with no lag… BUT every time i do that my graphics goes from the highest quality to the lowest quality and the game then spends the next 10 second reloading all the graphics. […]

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