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Want a shinny new guild hall in EQ2, please pay 350 to 400 bucks or more!

Everquest i love you. You will always have that special place in my heart as being the first MMO i played. But seriously???

If you haven’t heard, Everquest 2 has added 2 new guild hall to the game. To get these guild halls you need to buy guild tickets (which i’m assuming is 1 buck […]

Good bye Everquest 2… :<

This one is hard but it’s time has come. I’ve been playing 3 MMo’s at the same time. World of Warcraft, The Old Republic, and Everquest 2. And i don’t have the time to put in to all 3. So i’m dropping the one i fine the last fun at the moment. And that happens to […]

A Blinding Contract: Level 20-30 Tradeskill quests

I just completed the Demands of the Raven tradeskill quest line (i’m still existed that there is a quest line for tradeskillers). Since i was already in my 30’s on my dirge i went over to Butcherblock and started the level 20-30 Tradeskill quest line. There are quite a few quest in this one, and when you […]

Freeport City Festival: Who’s the fast of them all!!!

So this May 1 through May 7th is the Freeport City Festival. I’ve only explored a little bit of it but in the Commonland there this pretty epic race you can run. The race takes place in the air with a special flying mount. The goal is you go through a set of ring around […]

Demands of the Ravens (Tradeskill 10-19)

OMG Tradeskill Quest!!!!

So i started to tradeskill again now that i’ve come back to Everquest 2. I used to have 2 high-end characters but i think the 2 super high-end ones got deleted during one of the server moves… Or i deleted them… or something. So I’m starting over and I’m looking online at EQ2i and […]

EQ2 GU 100: The Siege of Zek, what happened to GU 99??

So yesterday in Everquest 2 Game Update 100 went live. You can read the update notes here. But i don’t remember there being a GU 99, or 90, or even an 80. I am hoping the renumbering of the GU mean they plan to release something out every 2-3 month. But there is a small […]

The Great Divide and the City of Thurgadin

I have to say Daybreak, the City of Thurgadin and the start of the zone looks amazing. The rest of the zone has what i feel is a classic issue with Everquest 2. Very little detail (pretty much just a texture on the ground), but that how eq2 has always been.

So i should of […]

Visualization Everquest 2 data.

So as some of you may know i’m a Software Developer, and i some time (more often now) make little programs for fun. I was looking at eq2u and i was wondering how do they get the data from SOE. When i came across “The Data Api” post on the eq2 forums by Feldom. The post […]

The Battle of Storm Gorge

So this was pretty cool. While i was exploring the Great Divide i came across the public quests that they added to the game. The first public quest i found was The Battle of Storm Gorge, which had just started. How the public quest scales depending on how many people are doing it.

Solo Small Group […]

The Everquest 2 Alt Army


It only took about a month but i’m fully addicted to Everquest 2 again, and have created an Alt Army. Right now i’m only leveling 3 at a time. Im working on getting Ratbear to 100, and working on the Alts Dirgebear, and Maidbear (but only until they run out of Vitality)

Tankbear level 58 Berserker


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