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  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

I’m burned out on MMO’s

This entire week i’ve come home. Looked at the new games, (Mass Effect 2, and Star Trek Online). And i have absolutely no urge to play Star Trek.

Its not Star Treks fault, its MMo’s in general. For what ever reason i’m not finding them fun. Mass Effect 2 is fun, Team Fortress 2 is […]

The Ultimate Klingon and City on the Edge of Never

The main story line Episode from Admiral Quinn, get pretty good when you get up to tier 2.

The Ultimate Klingon starts in the Korvat System and starts off like a pretty normal mission kill some ships beam down to a medical lab and kill everyone, but this is the first mission (that i’ve had), […]

Bioshock 2 release is today

Bioshock 2 comes out today! W00t! And while it was on my list of game i wanted to buy in the Q1 of 2010 i haven’t pre-ordered it. Not that i think it will be a bad game, mainly because i am behind in the game i wanted to play. There just doesn’t seem to […]

Ding level 12: STO

Yesterday was my first day of gaming since this weekend. I spend about an hour soloing and finishing the patrol the Argelius Sector. All Patrol the xxx episodes are rather similar. There are 4 to 6 system that you have to vist. Normally you have to kill 4-7 clusters of chips, or vist 4-7 mining […]

Ding Lieutenant Commander (level 11), New ship!!!

Once you get past the fact that Cryptic sucks at keeping there server up, and stable, Star Trek online is a pretty fun game. The biggest complaint I’ve seen from most people in game has been the servers, and not the actual game.

Yesterday i managed to get to level 11. At level 11 you […]

Star Trek Online Login Queue is broken

So some time today Critic  implemented a Login queue. I found this out when i got booted from the game and tried to log back in. I am fine with there being a Login Queue, except that it is borken. Every 30 second it looks like the queue is updating. Every time it updates my […]

Star Trek Online Early Start Annoyances

For all those playing Star Trek Online, my charter is Ogrebear and my ships name is the Ogrebears… (Real Original i know).

While a lot of the thing that annoyed me in beta seem to be fixed there are still rather annoying problems with Star Trek right now that should of been fixed in beta.


Star Trek Early Start, Starts today!

Even though i am unsure of Star Trek Online will be a good game or flop i keep my preorder, and today Early Start starts.

Currently i feel Star Trek online will end up following the path of Aion. A game with a lot of hype that starts off fun to play, but after a […]

Which Star Trek Online Classes to pick

The hardest part for me for any MMO is to pick a class. Star Trek has 3 main classes, and each class can been broken up in to 3 subclasses, which you can put point in to any.

Engineering  — Buffers and DPS, these classes have the highest shielding Technicians — Group Buffs and Group […]


I am putting down Star Trek until it is released. I am going to play it at release.

Yesterday i got Bioshock, which both Cheston and Kotttonmouth suggested that i get. So i am going to be playing that for now.

In other new the company i work for was ranked #7 for Best places […]

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