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Everquest Ragefire: Orc Camp Level 10-12

So as much as i enjoy Faydwer there seem to be better opportunities for grouping inside Antonica. I Found a pretty good solo spot in Commonlands between Orc camp 2 and the undead Tower. There are lots of blue/white and some yellow bears, cats, zombies. As long as your near the mountain none of the […]

Everquest Ragefire: Blacksmithing

W00t so i made it to level 10, but i was pretty much pooped from grouping for a few hours to get to 10. I decided i was going to take up a tradeskill since i had about 33 Plat. Since i’m a cleric and cleric wear heavy armor i decided to go Smithing. Now […]

Everquest Ragefire: Group give godly XP, Level 7-10

So one thing i forgot about Everquest is you get a pretty big bonus for grouping. I grouped up with a few of the guys from RageFirePyre (Eq2-daily guys) and we took some of the harder mobs in Butcher block, the 3 of us did pretty well, but there are a few mobs that are […]

Butcherblock Everquest 2 2015 vs Everquest

So i managed to Everquest my self out and decided to go back to my assassin in Everquest 2. You don’t realize how different these 2 games are until you’ve play them both back to back.

Everquest 2 is super super super fast pace, there no down time. You can go mob after mob and […]

Everquest Ragefire: Off to Ro

So i got to level 5 and 1/2. Most of the mob around Butcherblock are no longer giving me much XP, and the zone just over run with people. So i decided to try my luck in North Ro or the Commonlands. I have some weird memory from like 10 years ago that one of […]

Everquest RageFire: Bone Chips to Kaladin

So getting on today was so so so painful, i ended up playing hearthstone for about 3 round (After every turn spamming the login button). They really need a queue.

After my failure with the Bone Chip quest last night i went straight over to Butcherblock Mountains and spent a good amount of time killing […]

Day 1 Everquest Ragefire: Level 1-3

So yesterday was the first day of Ragefire. I managed to come home from work and log in right as they unlocked the server so i was one of the lucky few that didn’t have to click a billion time to log in (Queue guys… your games been out for 14 years and you really […]

Starting out in Everquest 2 again Summer 2015

Everquest and Everquest 2 have been some of my favorite MMO that i have played. And i’ve decided to give both of them a try again.

For Everquest 1 i’m going to wait until May 20th when the new progression server comes out I am planing on playing a Cleric on that server.

For Everquest […]

Scouting Blackburrow

So i remember the first time i entered Blackburrow. I was a barbarian Warrior and i didn’t bring a light with me. I couldn’t understand why i couldn’t see anything (at that point i had only been play for a few days). And so i wondered around in the dark until i heard something kill […]

The Fields of Bones, and Kurn’s Tower

So i started a Berserk, and got him through  the Mines of Gloomingdeep with out dying which was nice. Killing thing was much slower, i chose to have a healer mercenary instead of a tank. After i got to level 10 i completed the Haunted Butcherblock quest again as an ogre. The interesting thing here is […]

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