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SOE lays off 1/3 of employees and shuts down 3 studios

SOE lays off 1/3 of employees and shuts down 3 studios

I’ll be honest, this doesn’t surprise me. SOE hasn’t had a hit game in a long time, and the general perceptions from the gamming community of SOE is very negative.

Since Everquest 2, which came out in 2004, I do not believe SoE has […]

Idea Wednesday: Revamp Tradeskills

Tradeskills need to revamped, but I’m not talking about a single game. I am talking about in the entire MMO genre. Where the fun in Tradeskills, where is the innovation in tradeskills? There really hasn’t been any. Eq1, eq2, WoW they all have similar tradeskill system. You have to get resources either from killing thing […]

SoE Fan Faire 2009 Address Live blog

I am not in vegas, but i just started watching the address (7:20pm) here are some of the high lights.

7:24 190,000 virtual items have been sold in everquest 1 and everquest 2. 7:26 Soe and HP have teamed to mail in game art to your house. (If your buy something in the store online […]

FreeRealms Reaches 3 million accounts, How many are active?

Free Realms has reached 3 million accounts created according to a Tweet by Brenlo. Which is great for Free Realms, but how many of those account are active?

I don’t think that many. I logged in to Free Realms the other day and walked around the crossroads, and the sanctuary and a few of the […]

Why EQ3 can’t work on the FR’s model

So I’m pretty much contrasting Tipa post here.

So I like the idea of having a full fledge MMO that I can log in to and start playing in a few minutes, but I do not believe it is currently practical with the current speed of bandwidth in the US […]

Level 20 Postman

I reached level 20 as a postman in Free Realms and i was a little disapointed. I got through all the quest in about 5 hours, and got to level 20. After that i ran out of new quest, which was kind of sad. 5 hours worth of quest for an entire class. Yes i […]

Leveling a Chef 1-10 in Free Realms

I’ve gotten to level 9 as a Chef and its pretty fun. Up until now there are pretty much 2 mini games to being a Chef. Havesting and Cooking.

There are currently only 5 (i think) far area in the game, and they show up in your would map. If you put your mouse over […]

SoE, do a google search of Free Realms!

So i have this bad habit of searching for everything in google. Instead of typing i went to google and type Free Realms in to google. is not listed in the top 10 searches…

i tried different searches and couldn’t find it either, until i searched for and saw the following […]

Free Realms Has Launch!!! i think….

So Brenlo on twitter said will be going live today! I can’t wait to get my Ninja on!about 4 hours ago from TweetDeck so i am assuming that Free Realms has gone live (i am at work and can’t tell).

I’ve checked the Free Realms web site, a few time through out the day […]

Will Free Realms make money? I am not sure.

So i am pretty sure a year from now Free Realms will be SoE most popular game. But it probably won’t be bring in as much money as Everquest or Everquest2.

The reason is pretty simple. Its free to play, and the majority of players are not going to pay anything to play it. These […]

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