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I am getting better at night time photography

Anyone who knows me personally knowing that i really really really like photography. I have regretted in while i was in college not taking a photography class. A few days ago i took some pretty cool night time photography picture and thought i would share them.

The first picture. So from this picture on the top right you can seen the […]

Lunar Eclipse 2010

So i took most of these pictures with my Point and shoot Sony Dsc-HX5. I really starting to wish i had a real camera and not a point and shoot, but for the point and shoot these picture came out pretty well.

You can view the full 10mp size picture here. (A lot of them […]

Andromeda Galaxy

So last night i went out side to take pictures of the stars. There is a lot of light pollution where i live so i wasn’t expecting much. I sent my camera to a low ISO (with the amount of light pollution near me a high ISO would just be covered in noise). Set the camera to stay open for 30 […]

Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5V Review

So as many of you know i’m going on a month long European Vacation in July. And i like to geotag my images in iphoto and on flickr. So i went out looking for a camera with GPS built in. Finding GPS cameras online was harder than i thought. list was mostly non camera […]

Photography (Winter Decay)

Winter Decay is rather dark title, i guess, but this photo set had a lot of dark and decaying type of photos. And i chose this as the title photograph as it show that pretty well


My 2008 Nature Photography

I finaly went ahead and cleaned up some of the Nature Photographs i’ve taken over the last year and uploaded them to flickr. So here a look back at some of the best Nature Photographs i’ve taken over the last year.

You can click on any of the pictures to make it bigger.


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