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Current MMO’s

  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

What are some of the better Free MMO’s to play

What are some of the better Free to Play MMO’s? Right now i’ve been playing a lot of Dead Island and Team Fortress 2, but i’m starting to get bored of both.

MMO wise i want a good solo player MMO (something to keep me entertained for a month or so). Once Elder Scroll 5, and Star […]

The Medic Update… TF2 is free forever!!!

Yesterday the Medic Update hit TF2, and its huge. Team Fortest 2 is now free to play!!!

Here is Meet the Medic

There are also new weapons for every class!!!

Why you should level up multiple characters at the same time.

Until Rift I used to play a single character in an MMO. Level that character to the max level, and that character would become my main.  That character would become my main and I would focus my energy on it. I would have alts, but they were minor characters.

I noticed I played all my […]

I’m burned out on MMO’s

This entire week i’ve come home. Looked at the new games, (Mass Effect 2, and Star Trek Online). And i have absolutely no urge to play Star Trek.

Its not Star Treks fault, its MMo’s in general. For what ever reason i’m not finding them fun. Mass Effect 2 is fun, Team Fortress 2 is […]

The War Update!

The War Update in Team Fortress 2 is underway.

This update is an update is to the Demonman, and Soldier. Each class is getting 3 weapon, and there is a twist, one class will get a 4rth weapon and the other one will not.

Who get the weapon will be determined by the player. There […]

Not playing MMO’s…. Feels pretty good.

I haven’t touched an MMO in about a month and it feels pretty good.

When i would play Eq2 i would get frustrated a lot. The frustration was from a lack of things to do. At level 80 i had finished off all the high end solo content. I would spend my time looking for […]

The Classless update: Final Day

There adding a Capture the Flag version of the sawmill map.

And a Capture point Yukon Map.

List of all changes:

New Content:

Added King Of The Hill game mode. Added custom animations played by the losing team during the post-win state. They are moved into third person camera to enjoy them. Added lots of […]

The Classless Update day 2

Its day 2 of Team Fortess 2 Classless update.

There adding a new Game Mode, called King of the Hill. With these maps there is a central point that is locked, after a short time there unlocked and which ever team hold the point for 3 mintues win. You don’t have to continusly hold the […]

The Classless Update

Today is day 1 of the Classless update in Team Fortress 2. Which pretty much means the update comes next week.

In this update all classes get hats… (Though i allready though all classes got hats in the last update). Thouse these hats are differnet from the ones i currently see in the game. The […]

Idea Wednesday: MMO Heat Maps.

First off what is a heat map? A heat map is an easy way to see a popular area from the rest of the map. A great example is the heat Maps Steam has in TF2. This maps shows the Granary. The redder area show where the most death accrue. For those who have never […]

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