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I have a pair of Google glasses, now what?

So i won’t go in to much detail, but last week i received my code to buy a part of Google glasses from google, and i went a head and spent the $1500 it cost to buy them.

I’m excepted to get them on Monday morning, as a tech guy and a programer i’m totally […]

Back to work after a 2 week vacation.

W00t after 2 weeks i am ready to go back to work. To be honest i’ve been getting bored. I’ve got a lot of important work related stuff coming over the next few month.

Before the Winter Break i finished the Functional Specs and some of the Project Plan for my first major product. I […]

Learning Javascript — Part 1

Today i start to learn some Javascript. I am using Dreamweaver to write javascript and i am running it in Xampp. I am using the book Sams Teach Yourself Ajax, JavaScript and Php all in one.  So far they have started off easy in the book. Teaching you how to display time like this


Bugs… there harder to find than you think.

Back in college (just last year), i would be pissed if a bug would hit me in an MMO. Mainly because my 8 class 3000 line Java program had no (visible) bugs, so i mean shouldn’t Everquest2 and WoW be bug free.

Fastfoward a year, I’ve been working on Static Analysis, Code quality tools in […]

I think i am going to write an Iphone application.

I am thinking about writing either a fiance program or a weight loss program or both. The fiance program wouldn’t be to hard core. Pretty much i want to see a graph with how much my stock/401k/ira cost. (How much you bought it for) and the current price. And then some trends. Right now i […]

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