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1 Month of GTA online.

So it has been about one month since GTA online came out. So far in the game i’m level 42 (rank), and pretty much enjoy the game, but it does get some what boring after a while. There are only so many races, death matches, parachute jumps, survival maps you can do before you get […]

First few days in GTA Online

So turns out i was one of the lucky few who was able to play GTA online with out much of a hitch, and made it to RP level 17.

I did have issues early on, the first mission seem to be pretty damn buggy. I ended up having to restart the mission about 3 […]

Games I’m looking forward to in Q4 2013

Only 3 more month left for 2013, and the closing months of the seven generation of video games console and the start of the eight generation.  Right now i’m not sure witch Eight generation console i am going to get, but i’m leaning to Playstation 4 as most of my friends are leaning to it.


I bought a Wii U and i’m disappointed :<

So I’ve owned my fair share of Nintendo consoles (NES, N64, Wii, and a Wii U). So last week when the Wii U price dropped to 299 with a copy of Zelda (and Newegg was having a 10% off everything sale). I went ahead and bought a Wii U with out really thinking about it. […]

Dead Island PC or Xbox360?

Now that i have the internet back i want to get Dead Island, but i can’t decided if i want the PC version of the xbox 360 (console version).

Price.  The PC version i can get off steam for 49.99 or amazon for 39.99 while the Xbox version will cost me 59.99. That alone make […]

Thoughts on Nintendo WiiU


Nintendo did not release the tech specs of the hardware of the new system.

Reddit has a nice Fact sheet of the known specs, so I’m not going to go in to too much details, other than the fact the system is able to handle 1080P.

What I would really like to know […]

Hulu is now available on the Xbox 360

I got rid of my Direct TV earlier this year and have been living on Netflix’s 3 Blu Ray at a time + streaming to my Xbox for the last few months and it has worked very well. Now that I can get hulu on my Xbox I don’t really see my self every going […]

Nintendo to Launch a new console in 2012 (wii 2)

It looks like the 8th generation of video game console is about to start. Nintendo has confirmed that it will release a new console to replace the Wii in 2012, in their Fiscal year report, (You can view the official PDF with the announcement here They game system will be showed off at E3 […]

Games I’m looking forward to in Q2 2011

The first quarter of 2011 ended up not having to many good games, other than rift, dragon age 2, and maybe crysis 2.

April 19. Portal 2. Portal one, even thought it was a short, short game, based on a simple concept of walking in one portal and out another, turn out to be an […]

Games I’m looking forward to in Q1 of 2011

I know I know, 1/3 of quarter 1 has come and gone.

Driver: San Francisco – Feb 22, 2011. I live in San Francisco, and this is the first game this year that seem interesting, so I’ll probably end up picking it up.

Rift – March 1 2011. PC. Over the last month it seem […]

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