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1500 Quest completed.

I finished my 1500 quest today.

you can check everquest i have completed on

SO looking at my stats, I’m now ranked 36th on the server for quest, and 928 world wide.

For guardians i ran 3 on my server, and 55th world wide for quests.

you can see the rest of my […]

Adornments make me cry

So last night i got Shield of the Wurms (1332 Protection, 26Str, 26sta, 20agi, 20wis, 110healt, 80power, 657heat, 657cold, 657posion.). The shield is pretty much Orgasmic for a plate tank. So since this is one of the best shields in the game i was going to shell out some crash to get an Adornment for […]

I attemped to play WoW

My younger brother bought his first MMO (WOW). And i decided to give it a spin. I created a warrior Tauren. And off i was… I really like the intro movie that give you the a background story, as it leads to your charter.

The graphics, suck. There no way around it. Playing everquest 2 […]

EQ2IDB Recipe Search is out

eq2iDB as added a Recipe Search now. Its very useful for though people who like to trade skill.

You can see what you need to make the item, and how much fuel. And then at the bottom it links to you a link to the final item (incases where there pristine, shaped and others like […]

Our First Tarinax Kill

This was our second guild attempted at Tarinax ( my first)… First off Tarinax is HUGE.. for though who have never seen him. Here a picture to show you the scale.. the little dude on the bottom is Barbarian, he out side of Tarinax aggro range still….

So our first attemped we got him […]

Raiding Post EoF

So this week was the first full week of raiding my guild had in KoS content since the Dev “fixed” KoS raid mobs after EOF came out.

First raid was Harla Dar. This raid is pretty much exactly like it was. So no point really talking about it.

The next raid i didn’t attend.

Fridays […]

Jan 5 Dev Chat

Grimwell: Hello there, and welcome to todays EQII dev chat. I’m Craig “Grimwell” Dalrymple, and I’ll be hosting for the next hour. Before we start the question and answer phase, I’d like to stop and give the dev team a chance to introduce themselves. Gallenite: Hi! I’m Scott “Gallenite” Hartsman, Senior Producer for EverQuest II. […]

Vanguard, More hype than anything!!!

I’ll come straight out with it… Everything i’ve heard of Vanguard sound, and looks more Hype than anything.

People know Brad McQuaid was the major force behind Everquest 1. Tons of people first MMO, was Everquest 1. People believe Vanguard will give them the feelings they had in there first MMO. Remember thous feelings? How […]

5 things about Ogrebears

1. I’m afraid of ants… ya i know, ants. Back when i was a kid we went to visit my mom parents in Puerto Rico. During the say there they drove us up to the rain forest there, and when we parked i jumped out of the van, and in to a hive of ants. […]

EOF = Not so crappy

I’m going to retracted my last post in saying EOF was a crappy expiations, all in all it by far the best expansion so far… though i still see a few problem, and i have some idea to make the game better

1. Cloak of Flames…. 7 hour of constant […]

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