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WoW Birthday Cake

Randomly look at upcoming stories on Digg gaming section and i found these picture of a WoW birthday cake..

All i can say is WOW… Someone get working on an Everquest cake.


Could Odus be free content this summer?

Before the trademark of Rise of Kunark came out, it was believed that either Odus or Kunark would be the next expansion. I argued that it would be Kunark because Odus is way to small to for an expansion.

Looking at the map by it self, there 2 cities, 2 out side zones and […]

Grimwell magical powers, and hint about RoK

Grimwell has magical powers!!! Today he posted about Reloadable Card. But if you didn’t notice he showed us his magical powers….

What ever he point at will glow. It my belif that Grimwell is a Jedi. Probably trained by Yoda him self!!!!

But not only did Grimwell show off his magical power, he […]

My Rise of Kunark predictions

Today The Ancient gaming Noob on the eq2-daily forms posted the trademark info for the what is believed to be the fourth expansion of Everquest 2, called the Rise of Kunark

So here is my own personal predictions. (Remember these are just predictions)

The expansion will raise the level cap to 80, and majoirty if […]

I wish EQ2 had a map site like if you have not seen it, is a map of the WoW using the google maps API, so it works just like google maps works. It would be really cool if we had a EQ2 maps using the google API.

I wish we had maps like that…. and now i am determined to put […]

Erollisi Day Fun in Guild

On Erollisi Day someone in our guild made a charater and mailed a flower and a poem to each male member of our guild. They where pretty funny so i thought i would share them with everyone.

So here is mine folowed by the rest of the guilds (with out names)


You pierce […]

KoS AA Titles (Live update 32)

When Live update 32 comes up all your KoS AA’s will be reset (you’ll have to chose them again). The AA’s them self are the same (at least i believe they are) The only difference is that the last one only cost 2, and come with a title. BUT you need to spend 22 point […]

New (fully featured?) Web brower coming in LU 32

On VirginWorlds podcast #51 Brent mentions that SOE had plans to implement a Mozila browser in all there games. Today live update 32 went to test under high lights it shows

Petitions and help requests no longer require use of an external web browser!

And under UI

UI Authors: The embedded browser used for […]

EQ2players Changes SUCK!!

I was going to do responses to my EQ2 plat post, but i got to get this off my chest first.

About a week about SOE changes to eq2players that really really pissed me of!!

Since the game came out more than 2 years ago i’ve used my the free stuff version of eq2players. Pretty […]

Why do people buy Plat in EQ2?

I do not understand why people would buy plat in Everquest2.

In the orginal Everquest i will admint i bought plat once or twise. But that game was differnet than this one. In Everquest 1 if you had bad gear you couldn’t tank, if the warrior didn’t have a fast item he couldn’t keep aggro. […]

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