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Chapter 2 of Sword of Destiny

The first chapter of Sword of Destiny came out a month ago. And today chapter 2 has come out. The main part of chapter is called Knights in the Round, and you need to find the 50 statues…. (yes another time sink)…

Almost each of the 50 statues is in a zone by it self […]

Freethinkers and Clockwork Menace Factory

So this week we finally defeated Freethinkers and Clockwork Menace Factory.

We Defeated Clockwork Menace Factory on Thursday. This zone is a total rush. You’ve got about 8 or 10 mins to kill all the other adds before the main mob. Once you get all the other add done you fight the main boss, every […]

Who turned off the lights?

While raiding in Deathtoll the graphics of the zone disapeared and went black. Not matter what i did for the next hour in deathtoll the zone was black. Final after that hour was done the zone graphics came back. I walk back to threw the area that had turned it back and it didn’t happen […]

Get the grind out of Everquest 2

I’ve been playing my alt assassin for a while now, and I’ve had a lot of fun. But theres a few point where it no longer becomes fun and it becomes work.

Grouping dungeons are fun Quests are fun Killing solo mobs just to gain a level Not fun!

Grinding out levels just sucks. Last […] Not registarted to SOE

So today i was searching for any new rumors on Rise Of Kunark. Typed Rise of Kunark in to google.. First hit was to, I clicked it… And apparently SOE didn’t register the Domain. Some guild called (Rise of Kunark) bought the domain Feb 22 2007

Feb 22 2007 was the day that the […]

Pink Elephants and Flying pigs

Brew Day here!!!!…. been here for a few days actually. Apparently Brew Day came out on a Friday patch and not a game update. While most people read the Big Game Update patch notes not as many read the smaller every few days patches notes.

I know i didn’t. And seeing as there a few […]

Mitigation and Avoidance Tanks

Back in the day Mitigation was the key stat for tanks to work on. Even through most of KoS, I worked my ass off to get my mit higher, even if it meant sacrificing, other stats.

With EoF though tanks are realizing that Mitigation is no longer up there by it self as the key […]

Want to be an EQ2 Dev? Here’s your chance

Every once and a while i check what jobs SOE is offering. Checking today i see that they resonantly started looking for a Game Designer for Everquest2.

I would apply.. but with only 2/3 semesters left tell i get BS in Computer Science. Maybe when i graduate there might be an opening.

Any way for […]

Castle Mistmoore has a Memory Leak!!

Every single week when my guild zones in to Castle Mistmoore to head to the instance raid zone at the bottom of the zone. We encounter tons of problems.

Memory Leak — There is a memory leak in this zone. I’ve watched my system resources and this is the only zone i ever zone in […]

From Freeport to Qeynos

Today on Kapunch (my ex brigand), i betrayed Freeport to go to Qeynos. The last and only time i betrayed a character was a month after the launch of the game. So this was the first time i had done the new betrayal quest.

First off the new betrayal quest have a better story line […]

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