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What i learned in eq2 this April

I learned that 4 raid guilds raiding the same zone meeting up at the same time will kill your system and turn on the uber hidden Slideshow mode in eq2.

I learned that “my In game library brings all the boys to the yard”.

I learned that not all turtles are easily killed, some […]

Free Adventure packing coming this summer

I believe that there will be a free adventure pack this summer.

So far the hints are in the game.

In Nek Forest MMoquests blog shows a new area against the east wall of the zone.

In the Commonlands as i pointed out in the eq2-daily forms, That there activity in the north of the […]

The Qeynos, Freeport, and Kelethin newbie experience

I have my level 70 Guardian, my level 60 assassin and my level 70 Provisioner. So last week i decided to make 3 alts. One from Freeport (An Ogre Coercer). One from Qeynos (A Kerran Fury). One from Kelethin (a Fay Dirge)

The Freeport Tier 1 Experience.

So first… an Ogre Coercer, I know, […]

I am tired of people Soloing Poet’s Palace

This post is going to anger some people, but it has to be said…

You shouldn’t be able to solo Poet’s Palace and get master chests….. There i said it, come castrate me.

To often do i see the Scouts, and the mages of the high end guilds, go in Poets palace by them selfs […]

Wolf Mount!!!!

OMG, listen to the SOE podcast

Warg mount…. (wolf mount)….

Scaring newbies

Maybe i’m evil… But i enjoy scaring low level characters some times.

My fav way to do this is with my Coercer. I will Coercer a giant in Thundering Step, run to the dock and Scream Giant Train to zone. Most people are like you can’t train to the zone, or that Gaint will break […]

SOE hires a former IGE person, so what?

So SoE has hired a former Vice President of Business Development of IGE to be SoE Vice President of Business Development & International Operations. I don’t see it as a big deal as some people are making it.

The Heartless Gamer in his post SoE hires IGE, made a few good point but i don’t […]

Prince Thirneg

You might remember Prince Thirneg from your everquest one days. He was one of the raid mobs in the Plane of Growth.

Well hes back in everquest 2 and might be one of the first name mobs you meet in Emerald Halls. Emerald Halls, has quite a lot of the name from the Plane of […]

The Best Everquest 2 Databases

Edit at the end

There really only 2 types of databases that matter in Everquest 2. Quest Databases and item databases. No one site does either well, but there are a few site that do one or the other very well.

Item Databases — This one has come a long way in a short […]

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