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More annoyances in Antonica

I’m currently leveling an alt in each of the tire 2 area (Commonlands, Antonica, Greater Fay, and Darklight Woods). And Antonica is by far the worst of these 4 zones.

First there that quest that wouldn’t update no matter what i did in the last post.

Now I’m working on Captain Elgrodeth’s Dilemma. Its listed […]

Interview with a Chinese Plat Farmer

Today i was leveling my alt in Antonica and i got one of those plat farmer tells that just make you want to gouge someone eyes out. I did what i normally do with plat farmers, replay to them with some type of threat, (i know it sound mean… but plat farmers annoy me). And […]

Why are there borken quest in Antonica?

So i’m out in Antonica for the first time on my level 12 fury. This has been the first time i’ve leveled a character in Antonica since a few days after the game launched. Antonica is a totally different place and much more fun, with more quest and quest lines.

BUT i’ve come across a […]

I have become an alt’aholic

I never ever used to play alts. And now… all of the sudden i have 6 different alts and i actually enjoy playing them.

I’m not sure what changed before i didn’t like playing alts because the quest where all the same. Now i have alts doing the same quest, but i’m having fun playing […]

Better know my Charaters!


Well of course this in my main Character. And the first character i played in everquest 2. He is a level 70 guardian, almost entirely in raid gear (Mostly KoS raid gear). He is also my armorer and Transmuter (though stopped at 102 transmuting) .

Ranked 2nd for quest for Guardian on Kithicor. Ranked […]

How about 2-game access pass?

I love playing Everquest2. It takes a huge majority of the my gaming time. Every once and a while i get bored with everquest2 and take a few day break.

I used to play Planetside during that time. (Last year SoE had a promotion where anyone could play Planetside for free for a year, but […]

Brad McQuaid legend dies

Back before Vanguard came out, there was tons of hype how this game was the MMO to end all MMO’s becasue Brad has made everquest1, and he will make an uber game like before.

One of my first post for 2007 i said this

Except the hype, and the hype is only because of Brad […]


yes another Non eq2 blog….

So i got my finals this week and Next week…

Operating System on Thursdays (Deadlocks, memeory Synchronization Mechanism, File system and Disk management)

Calculus 3 on Friday — (she a nice teacher and listed what each question is on)… though sound like a long exam

1. Vector arithmetic 2 Finding […]

What we know about Kunark

What we know about Kunark, from what i can piece together

The Iksar empire has Expanded. They have retaken there old city of Sebellis, under the lead of Venril Sathir. The old Iksar city of Caballis is now 1/2 under water as it sit on a fault line…..

The Sarnak have been pushed back to […]

RoK anouced to early!!!

RoK doesn’t come out tell 11/13/2007 Which is more than 1/2 a year away. (1/2 a year and 3 days to be exact).

I think that way way way to early to announce it. Yes your going to create hype, but it not going to last tell November.

You have to feed the hype, every […]

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