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Zones that never made it in to the game.

One great thing about the internet is that thing never disappear. Like before Everquest 2 came out the Moorgard (now at 38 Studios ) , Blackguard (also at 38 Studios) and Faarwolf (runs her on porn site). Used to release a TONS, and i mean tons of picture of the Everquest 2 before it came […]

Exploring the The Forsaken City

I like most people have never really explored The Forsaken City in the Fallen Gate before. Today since only 9 people showed up to raid Freethinkers, (oach). A group of us went in to the Forsaken City to finish Brother Pang’s Trial, and Brother Lycabe’s Trial, which i had never finished.

With an ok group […]

Starting Chapter 3 of Sword of Destiny

Started the Third and Final Chapter of Sword of Destiny today.  Looking at eq2Flames, some people have already finished the quest in one day.

The quest starts off on one of the islands in Butcherblock Mountains. There a lot of run here talk to this person run there and talk to someone else. But after […]

No Game Update… again

All this year SoE has been on top of Game Update. Every single Game update this year has happened 28 days after the last

Game Update #31 (January 31, 2007) Game Update #32 (February 28, 2007) Game Update #33 (March 28, 2007) Game Update #34 (April 25th, 2007) Game Update #35 (May 23rd, 2007)

This […]

Ding 63

W00t another step closer to getting my second character to 70.  So i had a nice 3 or 4 hour grind fest in SoS today and got the 70% i needed to get to level 63. As much as i hated.. and i mean hated doing SoS on Ogrebears, it rather fun on Ratbear.

Maybe […]

View all (eventually) Armor Sets

Well if you have notice on my site over the last day or 2 i’ve been adding a Armor Set area where i hope to put a Male and Female picture of Every armor set.

Right now i have EoF Fable, KoS Relic, and EoF Legendary armor. Next i’ll be working in Tier 7 treasured […]

Video Games Cause Violent Crime rate to go down!

Since 1993 the Violent Crime rate in the United States has fallen, and not just a little, it has fallen by more than 50%, and the largest drop in violent crimes in the US since, well ever.

Source (  U.S. Department of Justice )

While Jack Thompson will have everyone believe that video games […]

Harvesting annoyances

This is seems to always happen to me. I go out to harvest because i’m running out to supplies for my crafted, and i run in to other harvesters. Normally this isn’t a problem most people in the game are rather nice, but there always seem to be a few people out there harvesting who […]

No Casual Raiding in WoW?.. WoW

Being as i am sick i spent some time today reading all the blogs i’ve failed to catch up on over the last few day. Mystic Words, There is no Casual Raiding in WoW caught my attention.

Looking at this scenario and knowing all that is required to raid, I’ll contest that it’s in any […]

How to get around EQ2i DNS issuse

If you are unable to get to right now the site isn’t down, but having a DNS issue (which it has been having for a few days). There is a work around to get to the site though.

Florence Sopher of eq2i has posted the solution to get the site working again.

If you […]

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