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A night in Castle Mistmoore

I have never grouped in Castle Mistmoore until today. For me Castle Mistmoore had always just been the zone we had to run to to get to the instance raid zone in the basement. Today i got to enjoy the entire zone.

Start out with a 2 group raid in Mistmoore. We where light on […]

Bad player on Kithicor

Never in my almost 3 years of playing Everquest 2 have i ment a player that is just a total asshole. Today i met that player, who pissed me off more than i have ever been in the game.

I had zoned in to Mistmore Castle. And i get a duel invite from Zilvilistix. I […]

The Beach

I went to the beach today…. And i got some pretty nice shots.

Trying out Eve… Day one

Other than Everquest 1 and 2, i haven’t really played any other MMO… (well about an hour of WoW). I have heard a lot about Eve-online from some of the podcast and blogs that i follow. I have allways liked space games, one of the first games i ever played heavily was Escape Velocity for […]

W00t Level 70

Last night my second character made it to level 70. My Assassin is now level 70, and i got a couple masters from the guild bank, so i now it pretty hard. My goal is to get one or 2 more charaters up t0 70 before the next expantion.. I’m planing to make it my […]

EQ2-Compendium rant…

A couple days ago Grimwell posted about Eq2-Compendium. You can’t use the site unless you upload a log. So i went ahead made an account and uploaded my huge log.

With a free acount all you can do is list mob by level and by what type of chest they drop… thats it. A list […]

One more Day of this

PLZ Ralos Zek let me pass…. i don’t want to do physics any more……. And what sad.. is that problems sounded easy.

A 42cm diameter wheel, consisting of a rim and six spokes is constructed from a thin rigid plastic material having a linear mass density of 25 g/cm. This wheel is released from rest […]

Gigglegibber Casino

With Fan Fair coming to Vegas, the Dev’s should add a Casino to the game. It would give people something to do when there bored, or if they want to try to get lucky and win some plat.

For games they could have the lottery in there. Add a few 2 player games, like chess/checkers, […]

Design Thoughts #2: Level Cap

Everquest, Everquest 2, Wow, and most have a level 50 or 60 level cap for there games. I honestly think that a bad level cap for MMO’s. I think it very high, and should be lowered to at least 20. I know, I know 20 sound very small, weak, as we have been conditioned that […]

Plat spam is back!!!

Plat spam seem to have returned to it previous level today. I was getting about 1 plat tell an hour while playing today. Only 1 got blocked by the fliter, which is sad, since all of them where to that same website that-shall-not-be-named. It looks like the Filter looks at the entire Phrase that the […]

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