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  • Everquest 2: Maj'Dul
  • World of Warcraft: Wyrmrest Accord
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Harbinger

Everquest 2 has 1.4 Million Charaters

Well on Cuppy’s Blog she posted something i found interesting from a press release of Lord of the Ring.  Which was

 Since its launch in April, LOTRO has quickly become the second largest MMORPG with an estimated 4 million characters calling Middle-earth their home. The game continues to grow with two massive updates that have […]

What didn’t make the LU 38 test Patch notes

Well live update 38 is looking to be another ammazing update. But a few thing that they hinted at being in this update didn’t seem to make it, or they haven’t put the full update notes up yet.

First last week on the forums or the SoE podcast… Forget which it was mentioned that the […]

Guild Rant.

So i’m part of a Casual raid guild on Kithicor. The difference between a Casual raid guild and a hardcore raid guild is not much but there a difference. While most hardcore guilds require you to have a very very high attendance in raids to be part of there guild we don’t. The guild is […]

How to build a balanced Deck

First off if you didn’t go out and buy a shit load of booster pack like I did. I bought 17 so far. You will probably be limited to the class your deck is. (as the majority of your cards will be of that class). With 17 Booster packs I’m able to build any […]

My EQuinox Has Arrived.

Got home today from school and found a white plastic envelope waiting for me. At first i was wondering what i had ordered from England. But Remembered the EQuinox is made there. So here some pictures of the mag.

Click Full story for pictures


I spent 20 bucks On Legend of Norrath allready..

I’ve been in beta less than 48 hours.. and i go off and buy 7 booster packs for 20 bucks…..

I bought the 7 packs because you need to buy at least 1 pack so you can use the trade, which sucks.. cause that mean you can’t trade anything unless you spend money. You also […]

Go through the Legends of Norrath Tutorial

Many people like to start a game with out ever going through the tutorial. You cannot do that in Legends of Norrath, you would have NO idea what you are doing. So force your self to go though all 11 parts of the tutorial


.I went though the tutorial and it […]

The Tier 3 Grind

My characters always get up to 20, 21, 22 and then I stop, I seem to lose the enjoyment out of them. I do not know what it is about tier 3, but it sucks. I know when I was getting my dirge through the 20’s I got this urge to stop playing the character. […]

New Theme

I changed the theme of my site.. I am going to change some of the stuff on it right now to make it look a little nicer. So thing might change and or break over the next day or so.

1600 Quest completed

Well i check and Ogrebears has completed his 1,600 quest.

I’m ranked 3rd for Guardians on Kithicor, I plan to be number 1 in the next few days.

I’m also ranked 37 on the server over all.  I might try to push in to the top 20 this week.


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