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Beta is Starting!!!!

Everyone who went to Fan Faire, and Everything who pre-ordered EQuinox. And has signed the NDA. Will be getting there beta invite soon.

If you haven’t signed the NDA go to the forms and look for the post about beta and hurry up and sign it.

Also make sure you e-mail is correct, if it […]

Features I would like added to Legends of Norrath

Well after playing Legend of Norrath for a month with beta I have a few features i would like added

Win / Loss record against other players.   It be great to know how many time you’ve beat someone and how often you have been beaten. Like for instance, Cyanbane would like to know he owned […]

The Guild

One of my Guild Mates found this short show called The Guild. It Hillarious. It about this girl who in a guild.. and ya you got to watch it is funny

 The Guild – Episode 1: Wake-Up Call

The Guild – Episode 2: Zaboo’d 

The Guild – Episode 3: The Macro Problem 

You guys really […]

Female Ninjas Rob Gas Station

Well i’m busy studying for my midterm (got one today 2 tomorrow). So i haven’t had time to blog. BUT i saw this new article some of you might like.

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police said two women dressed as ninjas were responsible for the hold-up of a Richland Township gas station Saturday morning using […]

Real Life Ding # 23

W00t i reached real life Ding # 23.

So um Happy Birthday to me, i guess

Post-LoN Tournament … we killed it

Well…. after an hour and 20 minutes of trying we kill the tournament. There were no matches there where no winners. It was canceled, all 1000+ of us was to much for the server to handle. First time the server crashed and died, before it started. The second time they got us paired up, but […]

Legends of Norrath Pre-Tournament Info

Well this Tournament is about 15 minutes from start (15 minutes), From starting. There are currently 755 people enter in to the tournament, and 921 users in the tournament room. I’m excited! I’ve never played in a Card game tournament, or a poker tournament or any tournament. The closeted thing I’ve ever done was […]

The Greatest Ad ever

There no other way to put this… You have to see this ad/game. It UBER

Watch it here 

The Kithicor Server Hamster have Declared War!

The Kithicor Server hamster have declared war on my raid guild. Apparently they did like our choice of Freethinkers on a Thursday.. .and not the normal Tuesday.

So we are ready to zone in to Freethinkers and give an ass-whopping to vampires. As we zone in to run to get a cup of […]

Legends of Norrath Tournament this Saturday And Sunday

It has been announced that this Saturday (22) and Sunday (23). The first ever LoN Tournament will take place. I will be entering both tournament with my scout deck, which I’ve been working on over the last two weeks. I hope to see some of you guys there. 

Legends of Norrath Tournament Testing Begins!


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