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Race to Kunark bonus XP Sundays!!

This Sunday(4th) and next Sunday(11) Xp will be incrases by 50 for EVERYONE (Adventures and Tradeskill) of all levels.

For all of us who have alts lagging in xp (ME!!!) this is a great opportunity to get that last minute grind on.

Level 70 carpenter hear i come!!!

Earthquake Time

Just had about a 30 second earthquake.. i’m going to put it at 4.5 or 5…

Well it was 5.6, guess i under estimated it by a little bit.  Pretty much was lieing in bed, you feel everything kinda jerkying one way or another. You hear a little rumble sound as well. And that sound […]

October Stats

Well i signed up for Google Webmaster tools last month and i have some pretty cool stats now.

So one of the neat features of Webmaster tools it show you what keywords people clicked on google to get to your site and what your ranked.

My top rise of kunark spells which for the month […]

The Daylight saving time headache

One of the problems with having an international raiding guild is Time change. Back in the day the United States used to change there time with every other county that did daylight saving time. In 2005 we changed out Daylight saving time to be on differnet day that the rest of the world… And so […]

Saying Good bye to Qeynos

With Rise of Kunark coming up, i have made the decision to move all my characters to Neriak. Currently My Dirge, Assassin, Inquisitor, Coercer, and Warlock all live there. Only my Guardian and my Mystic live in Qeynos.

My Guardian (my first/main character) has live in Qeynos most of his life. At level 16 […]

Deleted some alt

Well last night i deleted my Ogre Coercer, Arasai Warlock, and my Troll Inquisitor. (all where 22 or lower). They have been replaced with a Erudite Coercer, High Elf Templar (who going to become an Inquisitor), and a Gnome Warlocks.

Yes i know, i made the exact same classes again (i liked the classes) the […]

Emperor Norton — The first Emperor of the United States

Now gather around kids…. it time to tell you the story of Emperor Norton, the first Emperor of the United States of America.

But Ogrebears there is no Emperor of the United States, what are smoking!!!

Well apparently they taunt you history wrong , so sit back and listen to the story


This will make programers run in fear

The following is one of the method from my database program for class… you will run in fear..

well worepress killed the indentations…. So i’ll post a screen shot of it later but here the code with out indentations


Wow, eq2 community didn’t like my last post, i’m sorry

Wow i wasn’t expecting a backlash from my last post about Tradeskill bots but apparently there was. I gave detailed information on how they worked after watching my friend tradeskill bot. I thought it was more of an educational thing on how they work, and that it would give SoE some details on how it […]

Interview with a Tradeskill botter

I have a few friends that play Everquest 2, one day i was at one of there house, playing around on there character and notice they had more than 600 plat, (i on the other hand have like 5, and owe the guild bank 10). So i asked my friend how they made all that […]

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