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Are Crafters Retarted???

Are certain crafter retarded? It cost 1 gold for the fuel to make a some food. A prefect combination will get you 2 of that food. Bring the cost of fuel to make that food down to 50 silver. And there is currently someone selling 100 of that food at 37 silver WTF.

Are people […]

Just another Wednesday

I felt like taking picture this Wednesday and i went to school this morning. So um, enjoy my randomness or something…


Each raider must complete all tier 1 raids before starting Tier 2 raids.

My guild is getting ready to start RoK raid, and we (the officers) have been disusing what we have heard from other raid guild and that we picked up from other websites.

We have been told that every player need to finish each tier 1 zone to be unlocked for tier 2. This may or […]

Rise of Kunark will hurt eq2 in the long run

So far i love Rise of Kunark, its a lot of fun, but i do not see it lastly for long.  The main reason for this is people are burning though the contact faster than ever. I currently have guild mates who allready have 1/2 of the level 80 legendary armor sets, by the end […]

Is Scott Hartsman leaving eq2?

So today over at Eq2flames. LFG has posted that Scott Hartsman has given notice on his plan to leave everquest 2. Massively has also posted about this rumor as well.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but it dose feel like it is. The reason that it feels like it is the […]

Ding 74 (Kylong Plains VS Fens Of Nathsar)

I made it to level 74 tonight. And getting pretty close to done with the quest in Fens of Nathsar. Fens is a different place than Kylong Plains. With the Kylong plains you got your quests at the starting place and followed the story around. You were pretty much lead from quest camp to quest […]

Ratbears first horse… ROK fable item..

Well this post is going to be all over the place… so bare with me

I bought my first horse for ratbear… I know it slower than the guild level 60 ones, and cost more.. but it just so uber . So not only do i have a trail of Red and Green dot from […]

Ogrebear VS Santa Claus and other pictures from late 80’s, 90’s, and um 00’s

Apparently Yahoo moved my old old old  yahoo photos account to my flickr account. And i thought i’d share some funny pictures i found.

Dude Santa looks fucking pissed).

Red jean cause that how i rolled. (and or my mom dressed me)

Marching band for the win… we had band camp.. well american […]

Ding 71 … again!!

W00t i got to level 71 on my Assassin today (Did it on my guardian a few days ago).

I probably would have both past 73 or 74 by now if it wasn’t for the fact i’ve been busy finishing my 45 page request for proposal for school. Damn college and you large papers. […]

Grats Taucher, First to 80!!

Taucher Monk of Najena was the first to 80. They reached 80 at 4:40 AM PST on Thursday, Nov 15th. Essentially he got to 80 in less than 2 days.

They win 100 bucks from eq2flames for being the first one to 80.

Grats man

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