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A look back at Everquest 2 during 2007

This is pretty much a look back at the screen shots of major event in Ogrebears/ratbears eq2 lives over the year 2007. Please note graphic quality changes during the year as i switch to a better graphic card.

January 2007 — The last Court Raid

January 2007 –The […]

You are all Cheaters, No not really.

So Raph Koster posted today that we are all cheater because we uses Internet strategy guides to help us. A few other have also responded, here, here, and here.

I’m going to have to disagree strongly here. I am going to quote Raph here.

First, what is cheating? Really with a solid definition it make […]

Some times a photo needs a story

Posting this photo with out a story would make it pretty meaning less.

So I went to the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas this year. About an hour after i took this picture Tatiana (i believe it the smaller of the 2) escapes kills kid and injures 2 others before being shot and killed […]

Ding level 80!

Tonight i finished the last 15% xp that i needed to reach level 80. I got my Adept 3 of execute (16K hit, w00t) And Fatal Followup (does 1-2K damage times a modifier for all stealth attack with in a 10 second period). Which is just uber

I’ve Enjoyed the ride. I know about a […]

My Guild Leader won Allakhazam’s Forstfells Competition

can see the thread here.

The competition was to make a funny captions for the following picture. Her caption was, “With his last breath, Mr Frosty reflected that Weaponsmithing was a bad choice of tradeskill for his hormonal wife” – Faeth of Kithicor.

She won keys for the Game, and all expansions.

Grats Faeth


SoE to be bought out for 300 Million


This story is completely false. We aren’t for sale

No idea who made this up. We are in discussions with various companies in India about bringing our games to this growing market but that’s it. We aren’t for sale.



So my friend sent me this link to a Story about Zapak (an […]

Lower level XP increase in LU 40 is pretty big

So today i logged in to my level 43 dirge for the first time since RoK came out. I went out in Steam front and killed 10 or 11 mob and notice i had already gained 10% xp. So i started killing white and yellow mobs and notice most were giving me .8 to .9% […]

Last Full Fall Semester at SJSU comes to a close.

W00t I finished my last full Fall Semester at SJSU.

I past my 100W class which contained a 50 page proposal and formal report for Biotech (and my final was the following poster)

I past my Calculus based Stat class.

Pretty sure i past my Earthquake and volcanoes class and database class.

Database was […]

Top 25 Listened Albums of 2007

Decided to copy or steal cuppycake idea (plz don’t kill me) of posting the top 25 albums that I listened to the most. I have no bought a CD in a few years now, I download all my music form legal source… like Itunes!!!! So my top 25 are going to be the top […]

I got a LoN Forsworn Painting

I got one of the 4 LoN of Forsworn painting today when i bought 20 bucks worth of Card.  (I will not buy a ton of money like last time). I will trade rares for the other house items though if you want to get rares. So here the new Poster up in my house.


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