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Tradeskill Epics!!?

Well stargrace( has a link to  Taymar ( who has a link to a Quote from Froech (EQ2 senior producer) which says

Yes, all the epics for each class as well as tradeskills will be in this update. I promise! (link)

Over at eq2 traders Corner, there are a few close ups of trade skill […]

Fan Faire 2008 Location Choices

A poll is up right now for Fan Faire 2007 location Choices. The Current Choices are

 June 19 – 22 : Orlando : $149 per night June 26 – 29 : San Diego : $125 per night September 4 – 7 : Las Vegas : $115 per night June 26 – 29 : Orlando : […]

There is no hope for humanity!!!

The Canned Cheeseburger has been invented. As we all know, it states very clearly in the every religious book on page 205. That creating a cheeseburger that come in a can is blasphemy, and that all life on earth will end soon after the creation of such a product.

But if your German and want […]

SoE Summit is coming soon

In the last SoE podcast (# 28) Brenlo mentioned that the SoE summit was coming soon. (If i remember hearing him right it was going to be in March).

So tonight i bought up the  subject of the SoE summit in the Eq2 blogger channel. As of this moment no one in the channel has […]

VirginWorlds Podcast #100 Is out

VirginWrold Podcast #100 is finally out and it 3 hours long with tons of different people on it.

Grats Brent!!!!

The Greatest thing since sliced bread

I don’t know when i got this, or were it came from. But it the greatest thing ever. It cuts an apple in to 8 slices and gets ride of the core….

So you take your apple, and the white thing next to it.  And you push down on the apple

And you […]

Everquest 2 In Google Map

Almost a year ago i made a post about map in everquest 2. How Wow and other MMO’s had a Google map versions of their maps while everquest 2 dose not. Well i finally took the time to read the Google API, to see if i would be able to implement something a google map […]

Monk and Bruiser Epic Revealed

Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine has picture of both the Monk and the Bruiser Epic weapon.]

Jindrack has confirmed that the blue one in the picture is monk epic. The first pic of it is it when not in combat the other one is when it opens up for combat.

The Red one is the […]

LU 42 on test (no mention of epics)

Live update 42 has hit test today with no mention of epics. This of course dose not mean they won’t be in LU 42. Most likely they won’t hit the test server at all and go straight to live servers when the live update goes out.

There are a few nice high lights in live […]

Min Spec Assassin’s Creed… WOW that hardcore…

Here are the Miniumum Tech Specs yo play Assassin’s Creed. These are some of the highest minimum tech specs i’ve seen in some times.

In order to play this game properly, your PC MUST meet or exceed these minimum requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista (only) Processor: Dual core processor 2.6 GHz Intel […]

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