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Great Softwear Engineering Lecture by my professor.

My professor was the lead middleware developer for the NASA Mars Rovers. And Yesterday he did a lecture on the middleware he developed for the NASA Mars Rovers. The lecture slides are in PDF here He also has contributed a Chaper to Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How they think. So ya go check it […]

4 hours worth of Intern applying…

So i finally got around to submitting my resume to more than 3 places… This time around i applied to

Sony Online Entertainment ITO Research in Motion Symantec SAP Labs ATR international Jasper Wireless Array Networks VMware IBM Lockheed Martin Asterpix Wind River Systems Cubico EMC Yahoo Intuit Novellus Wells Fargo Sony

Update my resume […]

Protector’s Realm try 2

So our first try at protector’s realm took 2 days and we where missing one of the head to spawn doomcoil.

This time we did much better We got the 4 skeletons  Vyx down in about an hour.  Once you get the strat down these mobs are very easy. They also drop 12 plat each […]

Live Update 43 Preview.

So there is no a preview for live update 43.

“Shiny” Changes!

So there making a few changes to shinnies. You will have the options to selecte keep it or Leave it. And it can also work like a chest item where you loot it and the group has a chance to roll on it. […]

Better know a loadscreen Part 2

Forgot to upload part 2 on Sunday. So here is part 2 of Better know a loadscreen.

This one is from the original game. This one you can barely read it but it is said to be a concept for a bridge going over blood bay.  The bridge does look firmilar though and is probably […]

A few pointers to though in San Francisco this week for GDC

First you are less than 7 miles from the San Andreas fault. You may feel an earthquake. Don’t be a n00b. If an earthquakes hit and your still standing it wasn’t the big one. The big one will throw you, and everything around you to the floor in the same direction. If you feel […]

All 4 Vyx’ens down + guild ding 64

Yesterday we continued are PR run and managed to get the other to Vyx’s down.

All 4 of the Vyx fight are very similar they each just have a slightly different AoE.

Wymbulu is the one that stuns i think. Essentially we jousted the fight similar to the fear one that i talked about yesterday.


First RoK raid kills

We killed our first RoK raid mobs yesterday.

The first was Iztapa Vyx. He was the easiest of the 4 skeletons in Protectors Realm. If i remeber right his AoE is just a large hit (disease).  So it was a pretty straight forward fight. Every 50 second he does his AOE, everyone back off when […]

Just another day in Silicon Valley

Another picture post. All these picture were from yesterday.

Sun rise in Mountain View at the 101, 85 merge.

The light rail leaving downtown and heading to W inchester

Optimo Maximo in HonoremS. Josephi — Cathedral basilica of St. Joseph

The Great Seal of the State of California on the location of […]

Second Legends of Norrath expansion announced.

So the 2nd Legends of Norrath expansion has been announced. This is the 2nd expansion since the game went live 7 month ago, which feel a little fast, but i guess that ok for a card game.

This expansion is called Inquisitor and it contains the following features

Inquisitor features include:

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