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Better know a loadscreen part 4

Yes i know it has been about a month since I’ve done one. Over the last month i had a lot of real life stuff, and school to deal with. But that all past now i should be able to put one of these up every Tuesday or Wednesday unless i got something else to […]

Throne of New Tunaria and The Temple of Kor-Sha

Last night we did Thorne of New Tunaria. While It is a tier 7 zone, some of the items that drop off the trash and names in this zone are still worth doing this zone.

This zone is very scripted from the start.  The first thing we do in this zone is use […]

Upper Chardok

Chardok is one of the most visual appealing zone in Rise of Kunark. And because i’ve been helping various guild member with there Epics i’ve spent a huge amount of time in the zone and have some very nice looking screen shots.

There is not much to say about the upper part of Chardok that […]

Chaotic Beach party (Spring Break)

So today the beach party at San Gregorio State Beach. And here are some pictures…


Live Online Game Show

So i found just a few mintues ago and it seem pretty cool.

So i played the game the first round was the an ABCD type of questions

The second round was percentage base. They ask a question and the closer you get to the right percentage you get more points.

The thrid round […]

Deep Karnor’s castle

Karnor’s castle is a zone that i rarely if every go in to. But a few days ago a guild group decided to do a deep run in to the zone. When you first zone in the zone feel rather small, but it is much larger than it appears.

One of the thing i […]

Shard of Hate preview on eq2Flames

So Pinskie on the Eq2Flames board has posted some picture of the Shard of Hate, that is coming up in live update 44.

Looking at the picture it dose kind of remind me of the Plane of hate in everquest 1 . One thing that seems a little messed up though is the last mob […]

Ikariam, fun web based game.

For the last day or 2 i’ve been playing Ikariam while i play everquest 2. Its a web based game that feels similar to Civilization. You start off on an island that has about 10 other real players on it.

The game play even when your not there, and since it take real time it […]

W00t i got my intern packet

So i got my intern packet today. And the amount their giving me was higher than i expected for an intern in college. So i am rather happy right now. *HAPPY DANCE*

And check this picure out by dadwtwin on flickr. OMG i love San Francisco


California is green in the spring

Well i wanted to get some other post up, and all the pic and stuff where on my laptop… And well my laptop power cord became satanic and started shocking people. So i don’t have those picture for a while..

Also since i had 6 paper on sex, 1 on the baning of Blood drive […]

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