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Shadows of Odyssey — is it Luclin?

So i’m late about 5 days to this, but as Tipa, and The Clockwork Gamer, and a few other have pointed out Shadows of Odyssey seem to point to Luclin.

While i believe it might have something to do with Luclin i don’t think we will be going up to the moon. I think a […]

Anyone want free 1 month trial of Netflix

Netflix has given me 5 1 month free trails of netflix. So if anyone want to try netflix out for a month let me know.

Better know a Loadscreen #6

Part 6 (unless i miss counted), of a ummm let say 15 part series at the moment.

This first loadscreen is from the orignal everquest 2. I have never seen anything like this in the game. It looks like it is in a cave. So it could be the city of Neriak, or Kaladim. Or […]

Semesters almost over

So my last spring semester at SJSU is almost over so I’ve been studying for finals and hanging out with people more than playing MMO. Haven’t really played a video game in the last week or so (which is why there hasn’t been to many post).

Any way  here another one of my […]

High End Ikariam

I made a post about a month ago when i started playing Ikariam. The game changes a little as you get more powerful, and start to have multiple cities.  One of the first thing that hit me was War.

 First rule of war… Know who your about to fight against. I made the retarded mistake […]

Uber code

//Both people are represented by an abstract class public abstract class Person {

public bool StrangersToLove { get; set; }

public bool KnowTheRules { get; set; }

} //Possible thoughts public enum Thought {



//Class public sealed class Me : Person {

public Thought Thinking()


return Thought.FullCommitment; } }


Where’s are Everquest 2 Facebook app?

Why is there no official SoE or everquest 2 facebook app? You would have thought someone over at SoE marketing or web team would have thought of many good reasons to have a facebook app by now.


1. There very easy to make. If they make a simple facebook […]

Everquest 2 Dev have a Blog

It looks to be a blog where they will post update and stuff in more detail than the forms.

So do the eq2 1 devs 

April 18th Dev Chat log (not full log)

I didn’t want to put the full log up here as i found about 1/2 the question to be question they have answered before. But there were a few good ones and here they are.

[16:15] <@Destinova> *xphenix* Anything happening to the Illusionist class else than the enchanter tree change on Volatile Magic ? [16:16] […]

Everquest 2 Developer Chat on Friday

On Friday Stratics will be hosting a House of Commons Developer Chat at 4pm PST (7pm EST).  You can get more information about it here.

I’ve been to a few Developer chat before and there pretty good. Normally only about 100ish people show up and they go threw about 30-40 question during the hour that […]

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