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Massive Guys on Massive Games: Episode #1

Greatest Podcast ever!!!!!

Ryan Blackguard Shwayder

Steve Moorgard Danuser

The first podcast was pretty funny.  And they promis to keep it under 10 mins which is nice. Got to go check them out.

Better know a loadscreen part 5

Part 5 of a 15 part series……

The first Loadscreen is from the original game. The girl looks very similar to the god of tranquility, and most likely is concept art, most likely Gods were scraped and pushed back to a later expantion like they were.

The city in the picture look very similar to […]

Design Thoughts #4: Leveling should get easier over time.

This tends to be a major problem for older MMO’s that have been around for a while.  Developers create a game with a certain level range (1-50), to take a certain amount of time (a few weeks of RL time). They then add an expansion (51-60), they slow the XP rate for the high […]

3rd Temple Run (And Shard of Hate loot)

Today was out third Temple Run, and we got pretty much to the end of the zone. Just Overking and the other name near him. I don’t have to many pictures from this raid as i’ve been filming the last few raid, so that i could put together a raid video for my guild.


Project WinVictory and other projects

So i haven’t been updating my blog lately as i have been busy with school projects and such.

The first project is an online plagiarism detection program We call it Project WinVictory. Which using Ruby on rails, MySQL, and a little PhP. This is for my software engineering class being taught by Ron Mak (he […]

LU 44 overview (on live servers, yesterday)

Pretty much an overview of the most interesting features, if you want the full notes check out the eq2players site.

Plane of Hate — It a high end raid zone. Not sure right now if it VP difficult or a little lower, but i’m going to assume its like VP.

The influx of hatred […]

Better LFG tools Needed in eq2.

Adele posted a good post regarding the LFG tools in everquest 2 needing improvement.

I think the most important one would be the ability to list your main (or alts) as looking for group while your your on another charter. I would love a feature like this. Currently on my main (ratbear) since i have […]

Ring of Scale General’s Cloak

Wow i saw thing linked today right after logging in, and could not believe the stats but there real.

First this is a cloak, most cloaks don’t have to many stats. This one has stats similar to any other armor. But on top of that it adds 10DPS, 5 Melee Crit, +74 to combat art, […]

Everquest 2 Dev’s we have a problem!

We have a major problem! The problem is that casual high level eq2 players (the core of your player base) have run out of content. Most of these player have

·        Reached level 80.

·        Finished the overwhelming majority of the solo quest

Brenlo Injured in D&D incident

So it being leaked that Brenlo was injured last night in a 5 hour D&D game.

Cops were on in hand, with there cameras.

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