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Game update 46 sneak peak

Game update 46 is not on test yet, but the sneak peak to game 46 is now on the everquest 2 players website.

Storms on the Horizon — is a new live event! Qeynos, and Freeport are trying to find out what is causeing dark storms to erupt over Norrath. During one of the last […]

Raiding ToV style.

We went to Shard of Hate this week, and took out a few names. We decided not to do Master P this time around, Last time it took 20 mins to kill him which is just annoying. Plus we did not have a full raid yet.

Near the end of Demetrius Crane fight our tanks […]

Redoing EQ2 Google Map

So a few months ago i put up a small google map for Everquest 2. Yesterday i deleted the entire thing and started over. So far the maps look a bit cleaner, and i’ve added a 4th zoom layer as well. You can check it out here. I am hoping to have the rest […]

Things that go down San Francisco Streets

Even if you have never lived in San Francisco you know some of the streets are steep. And you also know we are um i’ll use the word different. Put those together and you get the following.

Gaint Lego Boulder going down the street.

Millions of Bouncing balls…. going down the Street.

Fillmore […]

I bought a tv, and a Wii, and some games

I have not had my own consel since my Nitendo 64. So I went out (I mean online) and bought one. I had a choice between the 360 and the Wii (sorry Sony, but ya…).  I was leaning towards the 360 because of GTA4, and a few of my friends have a […]

End of my last full semester of college.

I am only 2 classes away (Physic 51 (electrical physic), and a PE class (i am going to take bowling)), from graduating with my Batchelors of Science in Computer Science.

What is nice is the one of the signatures on my Diploma is the Govenators. Well now that i think about that, it might make […]

Message SoE Sent me

So i know it was a message from SoE because it was red. I posted it below. Did they take 30 plat from me. I have no idea i had not been on for 2 month so i can’t tell. Also my account has not been hacked so that no longer an option.

Still kinda […]

SoE steals 30 plat from my account

As most of you know i haven’t been in Everquest 2 for about 2 month now becasue of school. So i log in today and see that i have some unread mail, and one of them is from SOE customer support, with 7 days left on it. So i open it up and i get […]

Back to EQ2 related post…

Now that Spring semester of college is done i should be able to go back to my 5 or 6 post about eq2 a week… , and not random post about paper with the word sex, or random picture of random people, or how epic the Baggage Engine is….

Any way next post i’ll be […]

My last essay for College … (um.. 18+ for this one)

So my last college essay is on masturbation. I mean who would think that there last essay would be on that, i know i wasn’t thinking mine would.

So the essay is a short 300 word essay, and i wrote it in 30 min. at 3am in the monring… So it kinda sucks.. but here […]

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