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The Godfather: Blackhand Edition Review

I have noticed a lot of the game on the Wii tend to be more family friendly, compared to the PS3 and the 360. But there are some good violet games on the Wii. Over the last week i’ve played through the Godfather Blackhand edition.

While the game was not original released on the Wii. […]

4 Week in to my internship at NetApp

I can’t believe that 1/3 of my internship is already completed at NetApp. On my first day all the interns who were starting meet in the lobby of the Executive building, and the University relation person takes us up to a conference rooms and give us our orientation. During orientation they […]

Better know a Loadscreen #8

This is the 8th installment of Better know a Loadscreen where I look at 4 or 5 different load screens from Everquest 2 and I say some random stuff about them!!! Let the fun begin!!!The first one is from the orginal game, and it is of a grave yard. The only thing that look like […]

How to Write a Sales Parser — Part 1: Intoduction and Planing

One of the nice things about being a Software Engineer is that I can write program that are helpful to get task done. For games a ton of different tools can be created that can help game play. Things like EQ2maps, UI interfaces, Advanced Combat Tracker, even my Everquest 2 map all have some code […]

Red Shinies

If you haven’t go read stargrace post on Red Shinies. From her post it looks like these shinnies can only be seen by tradeskilers who have there epics on. And they give house items. Some of them look pretty cool.

House of Commons Dev Log

EQII Stratics has there house of commons Dev log up here. I am not going to post the full thing here just a couple question i found important.

Venom – <Mins> any new information on guild house requirements? Like what it will take to buy them, status requirements, level, etc… Ilucide – Best hint I […]

Wii Fit

So I finally got my hand on Wii Fit. Well not yet, it in the mail, but it should be here on Wednesday or Thursday.  I do plan to attempt to build some sort of exercise routine around it, as Ogrebear need to lose some weight.


I’ll probably make […]

Wii Play Review

So I expected Wii play to be similar in fun as Wii Sports. I was highly disappointed. First Wii Play comes with 9 games, some of them are kind of fun, a lot of them I found un fun. You should not play this game alone; you’ll find it very boring if […]

Better know a Loadscreen #7

Better know a Loadscreen is back… With college ending and I starting my Job at NetApp i completely forgot about Better know a Loadscreen. I have enough loadscreen for 9 more weeks, which i promise i will have one out every week on Tusday or Wednesday.

Loadscreen 2 — I think these are buildings […]

Live update 46: A Gathering Tempest

So Live update 46 goes live today! Here are some of the highlights

New Runnyeye for high level groups — I”ll have to try it out this weekened. New books are avalable from Sages Navarius Orvalis and Indis Surion — I am not sure if that that mean old books from the world, or if […]

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