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Ubiquity (have to try it)

So i was going through google reader and i saw a post from which really excited me. It was about Mozzila labs firefox addon Ubiquity. It is one of thouse thing you have to see to really appricate. I downloaded it a few mintues ago and will try to show some screen shots on […]

Warhammer classes

So i have not participated in any of the open beta stuff as i want/wanted to started on September 18 (that the launch day right?) with out knowing much…

How a few days can change that. I’ve been looking online to see what type of informations i could find on the classes in Warhammer. So […]

The following IP’s have been blocked

I have blocked the following 2 ip address

after about 10 days of getting about 20 spam message a day to enlarge my penis, or take drugs from these 2. I am tired of marking them as spam. So i went ahead and just blocked access to these 2 ip address.

Seeing as […]

I think i’m going try Warhammer.

I think i am going to play Warhammer when it comes out. Other than reading a few post about Warhammer i haven’t seen much of it (and i don’t want to) i want to enter the game a complete noob and see how i do from there. I guess i’ll pre order the game some […]

Microsoft Photosynth dosn’t work well with EQ2 Images

So Microsoft will not let you use Photosynth on your own images. It kinda hard to explain Photoshynth, with out visual, so go watch this video from ted about it (it 7 mins, you can skip the first 2 mins)

I went in To everquest 2 and took 4 obrit screen shots of the front […]

Epic Fail at my School Book Store.

I got the following e-mail a few days ago

Dear valued customer,

Due to technical difficulties with our credit card processor, if your order was placed between the dates of 8/18/08-8/20/08, you may have been charged multiple times for the same purchase.

If you find that your account has duplicate charges for a purchase […] may close

Another Everquest 2 community site has announced that they might close. Last week announced that they might close because of the announcement. This week announced that they might close and one of the reason was announcement again.

I really wish SoE would reconsider just giving the data, and either open […]

Everforst refreash

Correction i put everquest refreash instead of Everfrost.

So this comes as a surprise to me. Everforst is going to be refreshed in this update. Which is very good. When i level up my character i always felt there was a lack of content in the 40-45 range. I also feel that […]

Who the heck is Anashti Sul?

So for most people Anashti Sul is a new name. This is a Goddess who did not exist in Everquest 1. She is only mentioned in Everquest 2, and very rarely. Here is what i could find on her.

Anashti Sul first appear in Everquest 2 in the Desert of Flame Expansion. Her name was […]

Check out Clockwork games Guild Calculator

If you haven’t check it out already, go… .go now.

So a tier 3 guild house with all 38 Amenities listed there Has a Purchase Cost of 2059 plat, 10 gold, and 243,250,000 status. And a Weekly upkeep cost of 19plat, 18 gold, 718,750 stuats. Which sound like a lot, but really isn’t. Just killing […]

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