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The Effects of Warhammer on Everquest 2

My guild in Everquest 2 had been doing pretty well. We had just beat the Overking and were getting pretty close to killing Venril Sathir’s as well. A lot of us could see us entering VP in the next week or to.

But Warhammer happened. 1 Week before Warhammer (during the early play time) went […]

Empire Chapter 3: The Battle of New Emskrank

Chapter 3 of the Empire line is different than the first. For the first time you are near an open RVR area. Now i’ve never, ever been in an MMO with PVP. You can call me a carebear. So when i ran in to Emskrank and saw the 10 second count down until i would […]

NASDAQ under 2,000(droped 9.14%), Dow Droped 650 points

Ummmm The stock market got pwnd…….

NASDAQ is under 2000 point (first time since 2004).  Down down 650, if it goes down again might be under 10,000 tomarrow.

Apple droped 17% (20 bucks down)

Google Droped 35 bucks


EA only down 6%…..

Any way… back to gaming news…..

Spore: Space Stage – Terraforming

Spore Terraforming is very powerful in Spore. It will let you change a barren planet in to one full of life, you can also use it to destroy a planet of an enemy.

The way terraforming works is there are 3 rings. The center ring is a Tier 3 planet (the hardest to get to. […]

Empire Chapter 2 : The Muster of Nordland

I really enjoyed Chapter 1 of the Empire (War Comes to Grimmenhagen). So i was excited to start chapter 2, which was also pretty fun.

It looks like each chapter has it own camp with merchants, quest givers and pretty much everything you need for the level range. Which is nice. One of my major […]


On the last Twit, Kevin Rose was talking about, which sounded pretty cool. I think i might pre-order one.

What FitBit is a device that tracks the intecity and durations of your excerises, and tell you how many calories you lost. You can also wear it to sleep it will tell you how long […]

Finally my first day of Warhammer!

I got my copy of Warhammer on Monday, but since i had a Physics midterm on Thursday i thought it was best to wait until after the midterm to play.

I have to say, i enjoyed my first day in Warhammer, even though i only had half a clue what i was doing. (Just to […]

The Shadow Odyssey Video up at

A new video showing off 4 of the dungeons in the Shadow Odyssey has been put up at

The first zone that was shown off was Miragul’s Phylactery : Scion of Ice. This looks pretty cool, a lot of the art look new in this one. There one point in the video, where i […]

SoE Vs Eq2Flames (NDA Breaking) Shadow Odyssey AA’s reviled

Last year around this times SoE and Eq2Flames while might not agree with each other, were on friendly terms. Back then when during beta, when beta information would be posted on Eq2Flames, the moderators would delete it.

But now there are post on Eq2Flames that include Every new AA in the game, uncluding screen shots. […]

Spore: Space Stage

Space Stage.

You get to build your own spaceship. There are not stats at this point. All your are building is for looks. Weapons and stuff will all be unlocked by how you do thing in the space stage.

So Space stage is HUGE… That galazy you see when you first start up the […]

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