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Bloodmyst Isle Part 2

Returning back to Bloodmyst Isle i was surprised at how many quest their were for me to do. I think at the main camp there was at least 15. Which has been the most i’ve seen in WoW so far.



Westfall is near the City of Stormwind, and it if the first zone in the Eastern Kindgon that i have adventured in.

Westfall used to be the breadbasket of stromwind city but it has been over run by bandits. The few who are left are fighting against them to reclaim there lands. The people […]

Getting to Stormwind City

So getting to Stromwind City wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. Near the Exodar is a boat which takes you to Auberdine, and this seems to be a major port for the Alliance as i saw at least 2 other boats going other place. From there you get on the boat to […]

Bloodmyst Isle

To the North of Azuremyst Isle is the bridge over to Bloodmyst Isle. No zoning, is the greatest thing ever, anyone who make a new MMO were zoning is required to get between zones, nees to be set outside and shot.

So bloodmyst Isle is looks like Azuremyst isle, but with a red huge, and […]

TF2 – The Scout Update!

Team Fortress 2 Scout Update. (Not sure if it is today but all the infromation on it is out now).

1. The Sandman — Scouts now get a baseball bat, that they can hit baseball with. If the baseball hit their target the target is stunned for a while. I don’t think any other class […]

Azuremyst Isle Part 2

After the first 5 level on the smaller island you head over to the larger one before i even got to Azure Watch (the main quest center of this island). I saw these ships out in the distance and though i should go see why they are there.

So i went down to the […]

Azuremyst Isle Part 1.

Since i picked a Draenei Mage i started off in Azuremyst Isle (well all Draenei start off there). Straight off the bat this place honestly looks pretty fucking cool. I don’t know what the WoW artist do but it does look pretty damn cool.

The Island of Azuremyst is really 2 different island, a […]

Live Update 51: Ward of Elements

While i don’t play Everquest 2 any more i do keep an eye on the test server patches to see whats new.

For the complete list of changes on test server.

Ward Of Elements is a 2 group raid instance, this surpised me. Last time i heard SoE talking about raids there plan was to […]

Starting WoW for Real

So i officaly have my Copy of World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Linch King, yes i bought them all right out of the gate.  So my first question is what class do i want play?

That is a good questions. Straight off the bat i don’t want to be a tank. […]

EQ2 1-10 vs WoW 1-10

So now that i have played Level 1-10 in WoW i can comapre it to Everquest 2.

Quests: Everquest 2 has more quest in there 1-10 zones than WoW. Quest wise i think Everquest 2 has more of a story that leads you around the zone. WoW has a little story here and there, but […]

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