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Leveling a Chef 1-10 in Free Realms

I’ve gotten to level 9 as a Chef and its pretty fun. Up until now there are pretty much 2 mini games to being a Chef. Havesting and Cooking.

There are currently only 5 (i think) far area in the game, and they show up in your would map. If you put your mouse over […]

SoE, do a google search of Free Realms!

So i have this bad habit of searching for everything in google. Instead of typing i went to google and type Free Realms in to google. is not listed in the top 10 searches…

i tried different searches and couldn’t find it either, until i searched for and saw the following […]

Free Realms Has Launch!!! i think….

So Brenlo on twitter said will be going live today! I can’t wait to get my Ninja on!about 4 hours ago from TweetDeck so i am assuming that Free Realms has gone live (i am at work and can’t tell).

I’ve checked the Free Realms web site, a few time through out the day […]

I am going to try Nutrisystem

So after hearing enough commercials Nutrisystem and the fact that I need to go on a diet, I have decided to try Nutrisytem. Yes, I could just eat better and exercise… but I wanted to try this to see how it works compared to my normal dieting. I told my friend and he gave me […]

Will Free Realms make money? I am not sure.

So i am pretty sure a year from now Free Realms will be SoE most popular game. But it probably won’t be bring in as much money as Everquest or Everquest2.

The reason is pretty simple. Its free to play, and the majority of players are not going to pay anything to play it. These […]

User generated book in Eq2’s GU 52

Game Update 52 has not even reached test yet, but Sony has put a posted talking about User Generated Books coming in the next update. One of the thing i loved about Everquest 2 was the books, I had a huge libaray ordered by Tiers with over 150 (maybe 200) unqiue books. Letting players write […]

Free Realms Jobs

The list of jobs from beta where, you can be all 15 classes and change any time you want. Each class has there own arrmor slots, and when you view what arrmor you have that your not wearing they only show you peices that work for that class. So if you looking at your Brawler […]

Free Realms Beta Review.

First off read Cuppy’s review, it much more detailed than what i am going to write.

I was attualy surpised at how fun Free Relems was, but you have to get out of the hardcore MMO mind set for it to be fun.

I was actually suspired at how fun Free Realms was. It definitely […]

Making a WoW Map is hard

I was looking at again, (now that i play WoW). I wanted to see if i could make a Wowmap like i did with Everquest. Turns out that is not as easy as i though. After uncompressing the WoW files and looking at the mini map folder, there was roughly 12,000+ files just for […]

Soloing WoW Instances.

Is it possible to Solo WoW Instances? I tried to do Stormwind stockade and i was able to kill the mobs. As long as i got one at a time (Which be came a problem a few mobs in).

So this does bring some questions.

How many level until a green mob turns gray?

At […]

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