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A level 60 can get xp for a level 16 player in WOW, WTF!?

Let me get this straight… In WoW At level 16 i can group with a level 60 player go to a level 20 instance, stand near by as they kill off the entire zone. And i still get xp and loot from the instance? WTF. I did not know World of Warcraft allowed that, hell […]

Car Insurance

So apperntly Car insurance cost a shit load when your young and have a Penis.

So i’m getting my own car issurance and not one under my mom. I also am getting a new car, and i found out car insurance when your a young guy cost a shit load. I looked at a bunch […]

New theme (well 2 week old theme)

So about 2 weeks ago i changed my theme, as most of you probably have noticed. This is the first time i have gone with a theme with a light background, and dark text. For the longest time i’ve have liked having a dark background with a light color text. But i have gone now […]

First step is admitting your have a problem

My problem is that i suck at reading other peoples blogs. Back in the day i used to read everyone who was on my Google Reader list. But as time went by i added more and more people to my list, and it took longer and longer to read through them, until i reach the […]

Why EQ3 can’t work on the FR’s model

So I’m pretty much contrasting Tipa post here.

So I like the idea of having a full fledge MMO that I can log in to and start playing in a few minutes, but I do not believe it is currently practical with the current speed of bandwidth in the US […]

Reward people for grouping outside of their social circle.

You can make the greatest looking for group tool in the history of MMO’s but the overwhelming majority of people are not going to use it. The reason is pretty simple, most people do not like pickup groups as they tend to not be as rewarding as grouping with people they know. You have no […]

I’ve been at NetApp for a full year

One year ago on this day i was a nervous intern starting at NetApp. I had a believe that i would of been fired in a week or two for not knowing enought.

And here i am a year later a Software Engineer. Apperntly i knew more than i thought i did. I was able […]

Starting a Priest in WoW.

I got to level 45 as a mage, but never had grouped. So i spend most of my weekend trying to get a group. That did not work out so well, i was not able to get in to one group. 99% of the time the groups i got in to were with out a […]

Sniper Vs Spy Update.

I have to agree with Keen and Graev’s about Team Fortress 2 sniper vs Spy updates. . I like the idea of getting the unlockables by playing the game rather than achievements, but I don’t like that people who are afked can just sit there and get them, or spectators can just run around and […]

Season 3 of Stargate SG-1 is now on Hulu

So Hulu now has Season 1, 2 and 3 of Startgate SG-1 on there site.

Last month i watched Season 1 and 2 for the first time (I never watched anyh of the Stargate shows) And i have to say i really have enjoyed them.  If you enjoy science fictions you’ll probably enjoy Stargate SG-1


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