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Sentinel’s Fate Lore Books

According to SoE around the time of Fan Faire the first Lore book from Sentinel’s Fate would appear some where in game and they would give some hints where it is… I haven’t seen any hints, or anything yet, Anyone have any idea if this book is out yet?

Sentinel’s Fate Info from Fan Faire (recap)

Sentienl’s fate will take place in Odus. (The ice from live update 52, Monument and might, made me and probably everyone thing the next expansion was Velious), but it Odus. The Level Cap will be raised to Level 90 It will go live in Feb 2010 (Not in November 09). They plan to release […]

SoE Fan Faire 2009 Address Live blog

I am not in vegas, but i just started watching the address (7:20pm) here are some of the high lights.

7:24 190,000 virtual items have been sold in everquest 1 and everquest 2. 7:26 Soe and HP have teamed to mail in game art to your house. (If your buy something in the store online […]

SoE Fan Faire is, like, tomarrow

For some reason it feel like just yesterday i got a tweet saying there was 54 days tell Fan Faire, but now there is 1.

So my expectation for fan faire is that SoE will revile the next eq2 expansion, Sentinel’s Fate. At least that is what SoE has registered as a trademark. From the […]

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan Trailer

I am excited

The Order of Rime Fens of Nathsar Series

Walk through for all these quests can be found here.

The second set of quest is very similar to the first set. You will need to kill Order of Rime invaders around the zone in different places, each quest gives your roughly 34 ish gold, and they are green so it is worth doing for […]

Lack of eq2 Strats

Strats for Groups zones in eq2

There seem to be a lack of strats in Everquest 2 for most of the groups zones. Yesterday my group was doing Mistmyr Manor, and there were a few names that it would have been nice to have some sort of strat before hand. Like the one who locks […]

Busy, busy, busy

I haven’t had much time to write any blog posts… But here are some picture from Family Fun Fest we had at work Yesterday


The Order of Rime Kylong Plains Series

I woke up early (3:30am) and could not sleep again so i got some questing done in eq2. Yesterday Game update 52 added a bunch of new quests that deal with the Order of Rime that have invaded Kunark from some unknown location.

At Dreg’s Landing in the middle of the camp the three new […]

Game Update 52 update notes (disected)

Game update 52 is out today, and a lot of thing have changed and been added to the game.

Release notes

Emperor’s Athenaeum

The Order of Rime has managed to re-open this ancient vault of Venril Sathir’s. What secrets lie within? What terrible guardians? Venture in with a single group of adventurers to find out […]

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