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All 4 of my alts have reached tier 3.

All 4 of my alts have reached tire 3.

The Dirge was the only alt I had some problems with early on. I was dying more often on after level 10 than on the other characters, but once I switches to a single slashing weapon and a shield (instead of 2 weapons). It got a […]

Idea Wednesday: MMO Heat Maps.

First off what is a heat map? A heat map is an easy way to see a popular area from the rest of the map. A great example is the heat Maps Steam has in TF2. This maps shows the Granary. The redder area show where the most death accrue. For those who have never […]

Necromancer aa guide

Originally I was only going to level up 3 alts (Illusionist, Inquisitor, and a dirge). But over the weakened I decided to level a Necromancer as well. For each of the classes I was looking for AA help as I wasn’t 100% sure AA’s each class would use.

For Necro’s I found this great AA, […]

Att has pissed off the internets (Blocks 4chan)

I do have ATT Dsl and i can still see /b/, so they might of changed there mind… But the damage has been done. ATT has pissed off the internets, and all hell is about to be let lose.

To advertisers

So a few comments have gotten through asking to advertise on my website…

So to help other advertisers not waste time. I don’t accept advertisements, of any kind. Good Bye!

How do you wake in the morning???

I have been out of college for 7 month now, in the ‘real world’. In the real world you don’t have as much time for sleep.

In college my schedule was such that i could sleep 4 hours one day, and then pretty much as long as i wanted the next day. (Had all my […]

Idea Wednesday: Guild Tax

Every Wednesday i am going to post about some random idea/feature/tool that i think MMO’s (but EQ2 in general) should implement.

Now i know the word Tax is an evil evil evil word, that should never ever been mentioned unless it is followed by the word return, but hear me out.

Right now in Everquest […]

Sam Raimi To direct WoW moive

The Ney York Times is reporting that Sam Ramimi (Director of the 4 Spider Man Moives) has agreed to direct the WoW moive.

I can’t tradeskill

I used to be a tradeskiller, I would spend at least an hour a day on my provisoner making food and making a good deal of money off it. I can’t now. Where the fun?

One of my goals with the 3 alts that I am leveling up was to keep their tradeskill level even […]

W00t i’ve lost 25 pounds

W00t i reached my first goal, losing 25 pounds, in about 2.5 months, with out really excerising or starving my self… (Which is pretty nice). I think starting next month i am going to start hitting the new gym they just finished where i work. I guess my next goal is another 25 pounds, or […]

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