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Everquest 2 Achievements online mapping

Sess of Permafrost Server has put together a great website that contains all of the Everquest 2 achievements that are coming in Game Update 53 (Shard of Destiny).

The Achievements are broken up in to categories.

Combat — These are split in to sub categories for Expansion packs, they list most of the names, […] should just call it quits

I did a search today for some of the new zones that where introduced with GU 52…. Eq2.zam dosn’t have them. They don’t have Emperor’s Athenaeum, they don’t have Kurn’s Tower. They don’t have any of the arrmor that drops in thouse zones…

What was the point of getting spoon feed all the information for […]

Game update 53 info

If you haven’t checked Eq2 Wire’s information on the Game Update 53 you really really need to!

Hot Zones

Racial Traits

Which Races get Which Class packages

User interface changes


Game update 53 on Test (Update notes)



The new achievement system gives players a fun new way to track their accomplishments!  Most achievements will award players with achievement points that can be used to compare their progress against other players.  Some harder to complete achievements will offer non-stat item rewards.  The basic categories are General, Quest, Exploration, Combat, Slayer, Tradeskills […]

W00t Snow Leopard

I got my copy of Snow Leopard today at work…. Time to update my mac.

July Dev Q and A

Looks like it took them a rather long time to answer the QA question on the form this time around.

Full List of questions can be found here. Since i am only going to be talking about the important ones. 🙂

Q: Any news about the guild alliances that were discussed some time ago?

A: […]

W00t i got my Epic… no wait.. WTF???

Yesterday my new/old guild ran me through the last few zones for my epic. We killed quickly Drusella Sathir, then killed all the names in Chelsith so that we could click all 5 statutes at the same time and spawn Protector of the Blade. We kill him and now i’m in the home strech.

All […]

Sharder Reveamp pushed back to LU 54

The Sharder revamp for eq2 that was going to come next month in LU 53, has been pushed back to the next LU. While it is kind of sad that we won’t get to see our games looking more Epic’y, i rather have them push it back and make sure it is working correctly than […]

Are We Expecting to much from MMO’s? Part 2

O yes… i’m going part to on you guy!!!!

Ok so maybe my WoW example didn’t work out so great. Let just take a tipple MMO.

Let say you have 150,000 Us/EU subs at 15 bucks a month = 27 million a year

You put out 1 expansion and only your 150K sub buy it […]

Are We Expecting to much from MMO’s? Hell no!

We Fly Spitfires posted a good questions. Do We Expect Too Much From MMORPGs Now? And I honestly we are not. Mainly because the amounts of that MMO’s make.

Currently Star Wars: The Old Republic is rumored to cost roughly 150 million bucks to make. Average cost to make a movie is 109 Million. While […]

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